Heroes of Vallhyn

The story so far…



Alda – The God of tactics, nobility, and justice. He prefers balance in the world. Patron of soldiers, knights, and magistrates. Commonly worshiped by Vargans and Minotaurs
Azuleka – The Goddess of the blue moon, love, and passion. Sister of Luaere. She prefers balance in the world. Patron of women, nobles, and lovers. Commonly worshiped by lunar elves.
Brasa – The Goddess of fire, the forge, and creation. She believes that only chaos breeds creation. Patron of smiths, laborers, and innkeepers. Commonly worshiped by dwarves.
Casa – The Goddess of hunting, revenge, and survival. She prefers balance in the world. Patron of hunters, men, and adventurers. Commonly worshiped by humans.
Chovia – The Goddess of storms, ruin, and chaos. She seeks to cast the world into chaos. Patron of brigands, warriors, and the damned. Commonly worshiped by goblins and orcs.
Eztrell – The God of the stars, navigation, and the truth. He sees chaos as necessary for progress. Patron of adventurers, sailors, and magistrates. Commonly worshiped by solar and lunar elves.
Flak – The God of Luck, levity, and excess. He believes that only chaos is fun. Patron of men, thieves, and gamblers. Commonly worshiped by humans.
Jornan – The God of earth, strength, and construction. He seeks a balance in the world. Patron of warriors, laborers, and kings. Commonly worshiped by dwarves.
Kell – The Goddess of death, destiny, and fate. She holds the scales of balance very tightly. Patron nobles, wayward souls, and adventurers.
Krig – The God of war, ferocity, and skill. He seeks chaos through combat. Patron of warriors, soldiers, and artisans. Commonly worshiped by Minotaur.
Luaere – The Goddess of the silver moon, hope, and honor. She believes the world must have order to survive. Patron of peasants, adventurers, and knights. Commonly worshiped by vargans and lunar elves. Her organized religion is The Sodality
Lufta – The Goddess of the wind, knowledge, and wisdom. She believes that learning can only come from a ordered world. Patron of scholars, mages, and elders. Commonly worshiped by solar elves.
Luksus – The God of greed, riches, and luxury. He believes that all things must be ordered so that riches can be extracted. Patron of merchants, thieves, and nobles. Commonly worshiped by humans and dwarves.
Varscuro – The God of the night, darkness, and stealth. He prefers that the should be brought into a state of order. Patron of thieves, assassins, and spies. Commonly worshiped by goblins and orcs.
Vatten – The Goddess of life, water, and freedom. She prefers an orderly world that follows a path. Patron of farmers, women, and youth. Commonly worshiped by humans.
Vekest – The God of the Sun, light, and growth. He prefers a balanced world. Patron of farmers, peasants, and kings. Commonly worshiped by solar elves.

Vargan – The Vargan

Map of Grammen

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