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When I started the Guild Leader’s Companion I felt like there weren’t any real tools to guide new guild leaders into the role. It seemed that all of the knowledge out there was fragmented and learned in a way similar to how our ancestors passed stories orally from one generation to the next (or textually in our case). In our modern MMORPG culture this can be tricky because there are a lot more guild leaders with a far narrower focus. It was my goal to create a general guide to get new guild leaders started, help established ones go further and force veterans to think about things they already know but might slip a bit on. We can all use a refresher now and then and I’m no different!

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Whether you’re a new guild leader, one with years of adventure under your belt, or just a curious MMORPG player, you’ll find useful tips and pertinent stories in the Guild Leader’s Companion. Ferrel’s years of practical experience as a guild leader can save you time, effort and headache. Use the GLC as your quick reference guide for running a successful MMORPG guild or as a foundation for starting a new one! Although running a guild seems like a daunting prospect, it can be fun and easy with a little help from the GLC!

Adam “Ferrel” Trzonkowski has been in guild management for over eight years, has written extensively on the subject at and is an avid contributor on the guild leadership podcast A View from the Top. Inside this guide, you’ll find positive and useful ways of dealing with anything from recruitment and loot to management and drama. Utilize the wisdom and experience that Adam has earned over many years to make the tough choices more manageable and aid you in making the best decision possible for your guild.

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