Game Review – Complicated Board Game the Card Game

Don’t you just hate board games sometimes? While most games out there provide a certain type of entertainment, there are some games that just seem to exist for the sole purpose of annoying the players around the table that night. Not every game is like this, but almost every every game has at least a certain mechanic that drives you crazy.

Pictured above you can see the two types of cards involved in the game.

Now image all of the game components that drive you nuts and then combine them into one game and multiply it by…6! I present to you, Complicated Board Game the Card Game. Obviously, this game did not set out to make the most annoying experience of all time. Rather, this group of people decided to develop a game that implemented their most hated mechanics in a fun, satirical way. Sounds complicated? Good! That’s LITERALLY the name of the game. It is made for 3-6 players ages 13 and up, with a playing time of 10-20 minutes.



Okay so in actuality, the game isn’t all that complicated. The goals of the game is to win the board game. Now there is no board in this game (i.e. it’s a card-game), so real objective is to be the first person to get rid of their 5 “random pieces.” BUT there are cards that can be played that change the victory conditions of the game. In fact, in addition to changing victory conditions,  there are a plethora of cards (four cards to a hand dealt at the beginning of the game) that can do a variety of things such as changes the rules, add specific events to help your cause, and change the method of discarding your random pieces.

In addition to poker sized cards, the game comes with a variety of square cards for the board.

The “random pieces” in question are small, square cards that can play off of the center card (a sheep card). The cards of complication you get in your hand are played to either help your cause or ruin the cause of your opponents. Rule cards that are played are in effect for the rest of the game, adding more complexity or simplicity as the night goes on. Event cards can also enact similar damage as rule cards, though they only come into effect at one point in time.

Regarding the method to discarding your random pieces, there are five types of random piece cards to be played. The way they are able to be discarded depends on what “state” the board is in. This essentially means that the random pieces can be discarded either right, left, down, up; or diagonally. The five types of cards relate to each other much like rock, paper, and scissors do. This is also revealed on their respective cards so you won’t have to memorize anything.

Here is an example of one of the rule changers.

Your turn gets two actions (or phase points) to use. The cards you play will show you how many points they are worth in the top corner. Some cards may be worth zero points, giving you the ability to play them at no cost, while some may be worth two points, making it harder to play. The first player to either get rid of their random pieces or accomplish special victory conditions wins!

The Goods

Complicated Board Game the Card Game really does a good job of creating constant variations, that make each round of play truly unique. There is not a lot of duplication in this game, and I love how each game has a different feel to it. There is a lot of reliance on luck in the game, but without a proper strategy that luck could change quickly! Games like this are great in that even novice players can succeed. While some people may not like that, I think it’s a great way to introduce people to gaming. It also exposes gamers to the lighter side of game night by making fun of the various absurd rules and events that most have experienced in real life. It is definitely a game worth giving a try!

Wrap Up

You can tell Complicated Board Game the Card Game has a lot of gaming experience behind the design. There are times we feel frustrated during game night, and this game does an amazing job of making light of those situations by implementing them into a fun filler card game. Its not too weighty of a game at all with a playing time of around 15 minutes, and the ever changing rules bring with it an extremely variable experience.

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The game’s hilarious theme, ironically simple gameplay, and wide appeal to both gamers and non-gamers alike are what give it a Meercat Approved rating.

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