Game Review – SPAZZ! The Card Game

Flying Bison Games is changing the filler game scene with its recent publishing, SPAZZ! The Card Game ( The game is made for 2 – 6 players ages 6+, and with a playing time of only 10 minutes, pretty much the whole family can join in! The game comes with over 100 cards takes less than 2 minutes to teach (I’m not kidding).


SPAZZ! is easy to explain and even easier to play!

SPAZZ is all about reaction time. How well can you react to different cards being played? It almost reminded me of the card game Slap-Jack growing up. According to the instructions, it is a game that “tests your concentration and coordination.” And boy are they right. There are different hand gestures that players have to make when certain cards are played, and more time you spend playing the game, the more ridiculous you start to look! Not that I wasn’t warned (the instructions say that you finally have the hang of it when you look completely ridiculous). Some of the basic actions include placing (or slamming) your palm flat on the table, putting your hand over your heart, up in the air, or on your forehead. Sounds easy? Not so fast. If you’re competitive, you better make sure that you are not wearing any sort of rings, otherwise you’ll end up smacking yourself in the face with it! Players take turns discarding cards from their hand; these discarded cards have the potential to indicate a specific action that must be completed. If you are the slowest to complete the required action, you get to keep the amount of cards discarded since the last round. Ties result in the two players splitting the pile. The first player to run out of cards wins!

The Goods

The cards played will determine what gesture you make!

SPAZZ! The Card Game does a great job fitting in its gaming category, filler card game. 10 minutes is a right amount of time to play the game, and the theme reminds me that of Uno. For younger ones, this game is great as it inevitably leads to silly actions and implements some hand-eye coordination to keep the player physically and mentally involved. I really like how there’s no waiting for your turn in this game. Each player’s discard action could result in you having to complete a hand gesture. This requires your attention at all times, but it is a light enough game that it does not require your full concentration. The game is also extremely easy to pick up. Two minutes of a learning time is essentially nothing, which is great whenever you have multiple people wanting to play. It is also a very efficient game. There is not a lot of down time while you are playing, and each player’s turn only takes a few seconds, resulting in a very short playing time. The simplistic mechanics of the game make it easy for younger ones to learn, and it helps develop hand/eye coordination as well. I would not put this game in the hands of more serous gamers, but for those who are okay with things getting a little crazy, it should be right up their alley.

The cards come in a variety of colors.

Wrap Up

SPAZZ! The Card Game focuses on all the best things about filler card games: easy to learn and short to play. It is great to play in between commercial breaks or when you are on the road. The hand gestures you have to make can get a bit silly, but that is par for the course when it comes to filler games. Family friendly themes and mechanics also make this a game a staple for every family. If you are in the market for a spazzy game full of crazy action and fun, give SPAZZ! the card game a try.


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The game’s simple mechanics and silly game play are the main contributors to giving SPAZZ! a Meercat Approved rating.

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