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Finders Seekers Review:

There are a ton of board games related to solving mysteries. From answering questions like “Who was the murderer?” to “Where is the treasure?” board games (and particularly deduction games) have played a large role in most gamers’ lives. Sometimes, though, those games can get stale, especially after playing them SO many times. For those of you who have experienced this (or maybe you’ve just never found the best mystery game), I have a simple solution that can resolve those feelings. It’s called Finders Seekers and it’s a mystery subscription on National Treasure-like proportions. If you’re a fan of the famous Nicolas Cage series, or Ron Swanson (NBC’s Parks n Rec), than keep reading. The service only distributes so many units a month, so you have to apply before being able to use the service. If you are accepted and choose to subscribe, even if it’s just one unit, get ready for an adventure that takes you across the world without having to leave your living room.


Each month you’ll receive an unassuming envelope in the mail (originally held in a cardboard envelope)…

Ultimately, most mystery board games don’t deliver what they always seem to promise. Even if it’s a really good game, you still don’t always have that feeling that you’re solving something real. This subscription service brings an extraordinary amount of depth to solving clues that are designed not for the faint of heart. All you need for each month is included in a large envelope for hours of fun (my mystery completion time was estimated between 3-5 hours). The content of each package varies, but what is consistent is the abundance of clues included. Most clues shed light on some new culture or tradition, so you actually come out of the experience more educated. The experience doesn’t require you to leave your house, and the playing time varies from month to month (and also from player to player depending on how cunning you are). The experience can be enjoyed alone if you’re the Ron Swanson type, or with a small group of people if you’re the type that likes to “steal the Declaration of Independence.” I won’t spoil too much of what I received, but one of the tasks had me analyzing a map of Paris at one point while searching through some photographs at another, all leading up to the ultimate task of finishing a painting that led to the final solution. There is A LOT more to go over, but I can’t without spoiling the rest of it for you, so I won’t. Needless to say this brings mystery/deduction gaming to a whole new level. The subscription also has an online group for support, in case you need either a little help or have given up and just want the solution.

…and THIS is what you get!

The Goods

Finders Seekers accomplishes what traditional board games can’t in that it gives you a truly unique experience by solving different clues. As stated before, these clues actually educate you on various cultures within a diversity of contexts, so the subscription is actually beneficial in more ways than just entertainment. There are a lot of games out there that give you unique experiences with each play, but Finders Seekers is more unique in that the only expectation you can set is that the game will come in a package and that it is possible to solve without leaving the house. That’s it! Every board game ever carries with it a great deal more of stipulations that you can rely on when playing. That’s what makes this subscription so unique.

Also, this goes without saying, but Finders Seekers is co-operative in nature. There are various tasks that take up to a few hours to complete, so having a helping hand can be extremely beneficial. Another fantastic feature about Finder Seekers is that after you’ve solved the mystery that month, you can submit your solution to be entered in for a prize! The closest experience I can think of that relates to this would be legacy gaming, but even you’re aware of the game constraints throughout your time playing the game, whereas Finders Seekers can change up the rules from month to month. The most obvious draw back to this strategy is the lack of replay value, and that may turn some people off. However, if you’ve been looking for an outlet to quench your mystery solving thirst, Finders Seekers is well worth it.

I won’t spoil what the directions say, but each month’s tasks are different and very intricate in detail.

Wrap Up

Finders Seekers is a subscription service that nails the mystery solving experience on the head. Solving the clues actually helps introduce you to different cultures and history, while allowing you to do so from the comfort of your own home. It comes every month (though you can cancel at any time) and they only give out so many units a month. While the biggest drawback to this is the lack of replay value, the depth and breadth of each package is well worth your time (and the wait each month)! If you have been looking for that next great mystery game, and if you think you may have set your expectations too high, give Finders Seekers a go. It’ll likely surpass those unduly expectations you’ve been setting!

Are there any mystery games you think give you a truly unique experience (or something of that nature) every time? Comment below!


The extreme depth of mystery and attention to intricate details are what gave Finders Seekers a Meercat Approved rating.

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