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Box of Challenge Review:

Every once in a while, you need a break from your normal library of games. This usually entails the shopping of a new game online or at some brick and mortar store. Twelve hours of researching game reviews later, you’re still not sure what to get. There is another option, one that will give you a quick break from your normal game night yet provide that same sense of fun, competition, and diabolical scheming. I’m talking about Box of Challenge, and it’s proven to be a fun, new way to break up the monotony that sometimes accompanies traditional gaming.


First things first, this is a family oriented subscription box filled with loads of challenges that can be both entertaining to watch as well as enjoyable to play. It’s for ages 8+ through adult, with play times varying depending on which box comes in that month. Box of Challenge was born out of the same desire as most traditional table top games – how to spend quality time with friends and family where you’re dialoguing with each other rather than watching a movie or video game. They even give a percentage of their profits to charities that assist people with disabilities.

The box comes with an instructions pamphlet explaining everything you need to know for each month.

Their boxes are also themed and change every month depending on your preferences. For instance, of the items I received in my box, some of them included marshmallow, toothpicks, headbands, and a small jigsaw puzzle – seemingly random items at first. How do these relate to each other and the challenge ahead? The instruction manual will reveal all once your group is ready to take on the obstacles ahead. I won’t spoil everything for you, in case you get this particular box, but every item is used either individually or in a combination to do some sort of crazy task. Whether it’s solving the jigsaw puzzle blindfolded with the help of a teammate or solving various pictograms, Box of Challenge has everything you need for children, teens, and adults alike. Each challenge in the box comes with a QR code to supplement the task. The code could lead to anything from background music that enhances the challenge’s experience to a video giving tips on how to complete the task. My particular box had about 30 minutes of playing time, though each box is different.

The Goods

Each box comes equipped with a variety of seemingly random objects.

Box of Challenge is a great way to change things up on game night. The major appeal of the game is that it’s suitable for children as well as adults. Maybe your child and/or teen is getting “too old” to play games (they’ll come around eventually); this is an effective tool to help spend quality time with friends and family. The use of household goods is also a highlight of note. Should the box you’re solving provide a particularly great experience, you can easily replay the box again (or even re-gift it). Also, if you run out of a certain item during the game, there’s a high likelihood you have an extra amount of those same items in your home. Finally, the QR codes bring in an X-factor that really take the challenges to the next level. They don’t necessarily add to the complexity as much as they add to the overall experience. It’s subtle at first but over time you can see the value in it.

Wrap Up

How will you know when the package has been received? Let’s just say you’ll know it when you see it!

Board games are usually used as an escape from the everyday life (like most forms of entertainment). As entertaining as they are, sometimes it helps to change up your game nights with something a bit different. Box of Challenge more than adequate at fulfilling this role. As stated before, it seems to be geared more towards families. I wouldn’t necessarily bring this box to my next guys’ night, but it wasn’t designed for that. While I don’t have kids, I do have nephews and nieces; and I can truly see the value of having a box like this come every month to play with my family.

We all know how small the attention span is for children and teens, and this box has the ability to bring people together in the same way a traditional board game can. If you’re looking to depart from your regularly scheduled game night and have some younger ones in the group, give this box a try. The subscription model allows you to try out a box without being fully invested in a large scale game that may or may not be worth the money.

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The wide appeal, major use of household items, and use of QR codes are what gave this subscription box a Meercat Approved rating!

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