PAX Unplugged – a Message from Meercat

The debut of PAX Unplugged is this weekend and there is an enormous amount of buzz going around. This will be my first time going a convention of this size. My hope is to cover as much of the event as I can. I’ve tried to reach out to as many vendors/game designers/companies that I could think of and this weekend will be the culmination of months of hard work by hundreds of board game companies and the PAX crew.

Though I’ll only be there one day (Saturday) there should be more than enough to do/see/discuss/tweet. I’ll try my best to keep you all posted about the event, who I’m talking to, what games are being featured, and what you can plan to see in the future regarding some potential game reviews. If you aren’talready, follow me at @MeercatIMTX to get any and all updates from me while I’m at PAX.

Until next time,

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