Summer in the 12 Realms – Winner Announced!

merrel-excitedHello everyone! I know this post is a bit overdue, but I wanted to make sure we celebrate our winner of the Summer in the 12 Realms Contest.

Congratulations to Joshua McGrew from Florida!! Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to crack things open and try your hand at defending the 12 Realms.

We also want to thank all of you who participated in the contest (including, of course, MAGE Company for donating our prizes) and we hope you had a bit of fun with it as well as the other raffles we’ve done in the past. Speaking of other raffles, make sure to check back here periodically as we’ll be running another contest later this year.

Until next time, Happy Gaming!

~ PyroFrog

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PyroFrog is a gamer through most every medium as well as a father, novice blogger, hopeful game designer, and hopeless Kickstarter supporter. His blog is dedicated to gaming news and tends to focus on interesting and high value opportunities. He regularly organizes game nights where he and 3-8 friends frequently try out new games, playtest new IP's and enjoy popular favorites.

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