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October Update and Exciting News!!

Epic Slant Press LLC - Positivity In PrintGood Afternoon! Some of you may remember that two years ago, we rekindled the fires of the Epic Slant Blog with the addition of 4 new bloggers and proceeded to invite you along as we explored exciting new and upcoming games and discussed topics relating to the gaming industry and hobby.

Since then, we have expanded our topics to include Game Reviews, Convention Coverage, and continue to discover new games from the Indie Games community—many of whom have been excited to be a part of our Independence Lane series of articles.

Today, it is my pleasure to introduce our newest blogger:


Meercat is a CPA from Texas who loves the community that gaming builds. Outside of the office, he enjoys spending time with his family, traveling with his wife, and finding the next best thing in board games. Most of his writing is related to the technical aspects of gaming as well as opportunities for new game design.


We hope you’ll join us in welcoming Meerkat to the Epic Slant family and you will be able to catch his first contribution to the Epic Slant Press Blog tomorrow afternoon.

It has been so very exciting to be able to attend, explore and share those events and experiences with you, and we look forward to continuing to expand our efforts and to bring you new content in the future. Make sure to follow our RSS feed to stay in the loop.

~ Pyrofrog
@PyroFrog | Game of Boards Group | Epic Slant Press LLC Blog

PyroFrog is a gamer through most every medium as well as a father, novice blogger, hopeful game designer, and hopeless Kickstarter supporter. His blog is dedicated to gaming news and tends to focus on interesting and high value opportunities. He regularly organizes game nights where he and 3-8 friends frequently try out new games, playtest new IP's and enjoy popular favorites.

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