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Neverwinter Beta Weekend 3 is tomorrow

Neverwinter Logo

This coming weekend Cryptic Studios is going to be launching Beta Weekend 3 for their new MMORPG Neverwinter. Regular listeners will also remember that on our last show we had lead designer Zeke Sparkes on to talk about the game. It was a great discussion and we learned some really cool information about the game. I would recommend checking it out!

In preparation for the beta weekend Cryptic has been kind enough to provide us with a few beta keys to share with the community. You can use these keys to get into the game starting tomorrow! Friday, March 22 at 12pm PT until Sunday, March 24 at 11:59pm PT to be exact. The cost to you gentle reader? Absolutely nothing!

Some of the great features coming with this weekend’s beta include:

  • New Class: Great Weapon Fighter
  • New Content: Pirates’ Skyhold and Icespire Peak Adventure Zones
  • 10 More Levels: Up to Level 50
  • PvP: Fight against other players for the first time!

If you really enjoy the game you can choose from one of the the founder’s packs. I like the Guardian of the North because it means I can have a dire wolf companion! Beyond companions the different packs will also get you back into Neverwinter sooner than later. You’ll get beta weekend access and a head start. Those are all pretty good things! You can find out more on the founder’s pack page.

Neverwinter Key Redemption Instructions:

1. Go to www.playneverwinter.com
2. For new accounts: Create your account and submit
For existing accounts: Login to your account

3. Enter your key here – https://my.perfectworld.com/nw/redeemkey
4. Download the game client here – http://nw.perfectworld.com/download
5. Install and play!

And the keys themselves (once they’re redeemed they’re gone). Good luck everyone!:

Key 1 – AYH33-L7R-73BX
Key 2 – DYP93-H7W-84ZR
Key 3 – HYZ55-B7E-74RD
Key 4 – PDX78-L4Y-71PD
Key 5 – SJE11-Z7B-66CK

Please leave a comment if you get in with a key! We would love to know won so we can shout on out episode 14!

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One Response to Neverwinter Beta Weekend 3 is tomorrow

  1. Claimed key 4 – perk to following @FerrelES on twitter and already having a Perfect World account for Star Trek Online was that I was able to have this thing assigned to my account within a minute of the tweet. Can’t say whether any of the earlier keys are already gone, I figured I might as well grab the one that was most likely to still be free. :)

    Now the question is whether this thing will download and install before the beta event ends…