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Episode 11: Dominion, Atomic Empire, Havok and Hijinks


We are back in action this week with episode 11 of MMO Radio! Chris could not join us so we have a special guest host, Dr Klassi. We’re happy to have him join us and that allowed the show to take a decidedly table top feel to it. When the MMO gamer is away the table top wolves will play. We discuss the deck-builder game Dominion. We also discussed Guns of Icarus Online for PC and Battle Cats for IOS.

Dr Klassi was kind enough to discuss the finer points of picking an army for a war game while Ferrel is excited about the success that was had during this weekend’s Unpub Mini event at Atomic Empire.

Important links:

  • Unpub – The place for independant game designers to receive exceptional feedback
  • Guns of Icarus Online – Your steam punk team airship battle
  • Battle Cats – The silly, fun game where you play cats to take over the world. Join in and give Ferrel a bonus (Invite code i41z0) or give Klassi a bonus (Invite code aen60)!
  • Havok & Hijinks at the Unpub Mini event
  • Atomic Empire – A freaking awesome gaming store!

Chris’ Links: MMORPG.com; Hooked Gamers; Game By Night; Vagary.TV,

Adam’s Links: Epic Slant Press

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2 Responses to Episode 11: Dominion, Atomic Empire, Havok and Hijinks

  1. Other than the part about paying Dresden to do all your arts and crafts projects for you, Dr. Klassi’s advice for picking an army works just as well for picking an MMO character. If you pick an FOTM that you don’t enjoy, that’s not going to be much fun, and you are going to waste a fair amount of time leveling and gearing a replacement (if you don’t end up quitting a game you might have enjoyed if you had picked the right class).

    The next time you table-toppers run away with the show, I’d love to hear any advice on quick-play table-top games that are still fun with two players. My wife and I love Catan when we can get extra people to play it with, and we’ve tried the “Rivals of Catan” card spinoff (which we like okay as a concept and not so much in terms of needing to clear the dining room table to have enough room if you build out too far). As parents of an infant we don’t have lots of time to play – and certainly not to set up – and it seems like all of the most fun games are built for 3-6 folks.

    • Ferrel says:

      I think that is a great idea for a topic. We like really short games too! That is why we’re designing one ;)

      I’ll put it in the idea factory for an episode near you soon!