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Episode 7: Through the Looking Glass (Ft. Gavin Townsley of Massively.com)

Guest Starring: Gavin Townsley of Massively.com!

Welcome back to another MMO Radio. We’re proud to present Episode 07 featuring our special guest and close friend, Gavin Townsley. Gavin has been a freelance writer in the games industry for some time and was recently picked up by Massively.com. You might also remember him from our old show, the RIFT Watchers podcast, and the Flex Your Geek website. We take some time to pick his brain about the state of the games press when it seems so embroiled in controversy lately. Taking note of the fact that there are few, if any, major — GW2 level — MMO releases in the future, we share realistic predictions on what the MMOs of the near future will feature.

We would also like to thank Green Armadillo for his excellent response to our Episode 5 discussion on the sustainability of F2P versus B2P.

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2 Responses to Episode 7: Through the Looking Glass (Ft. Gavin Townsley of Massively.com)

  1. Thanks for the kind words, as always!

    People who think that game studios actually show up with a sack of money to purchase favorable coverage fundamentally misunderstand the business model. Consumers pay nothing for most (all) gaming journalism coverage, which means that all of the bills are being paid by advertisers. Advertisers pay based on pageviews. You get pageviews because people are coming to see your content. A professional site can produce original content – they have advantages and disadvantages over the free blog masses of the internet in this department – but their real advantage is information.

    This is why so many sites can’t resist a rumor that – true or untrue – is going to generate tons of traffic. And this is why Gavin’s comment – you can’t be a *bleep* to someone you’re asking for something – is the real issue. When you ask a fair, non-confrontational, reasonable question and the PR office responds by being a *bleep* to you and gives you generic PR drivel without answering the question, you can’t followup by pointing out that they failed to answer the question. If you do, and they stop giving you interviews the way Chris suggests Nintendo treats Vagery.tv, that’s less content you have in the future with which to pay the bills.

    Meanwhile, a timeline question. A few episodes back, our heroes fled a city which was under siege by Lizard Necromancers, after persuading the city leadership to evacuate into the keep. Perhaps I have the wrong mental image, but I’m picturing a medieval fortified city with lots of residents, intended to withstand siege, and a significantly smaller fortified keep inside it. Evacuating the entire population of the city into said keep does not sound like an especially sustainable scenario in terms of supplies and defenses, but it sounds like it’s been a number of in-game days since and the heroes do not appear to be heading back to break the siege anytime soon because they have to track down all of the Heralds first to bring back the god (and the Sun) to have a chance against the Lizard Necromancers. Am I misunderstanding how long these poor city folks can hold out in their keep? Or have they already been killed by the Lizard Necromancers?

    • Ferrel says:

      You’re not misunderstanding at all actually!

      The Citadel itself is actually separate from the city. It is maintained by a different organization (the Sodality). It is actually really large but still not large enough to keep the civilians alive for a long period of time. The idea is that at the next full silver moon (roughly 2 weeks after the evacuation) the Exarch that runs the citadel (her name happens to be Ferrel) will use a divine spell to spirit all non-combatants away to safety. Until that time it is going to be really rough.

      The city leaders didn’t want to go with this plan because it basically meant the loss of the city completely. The heroes convinced them that it was the only solution while they went out to find soldiers.

      With that said, however, the heroes are focusing more on the heralds. They did negotiate for 10,000 soldiers from Pinnacle to be sent to Devon (another city under siege by presumably the same people) to free up Sodality forces to go break the siege at Grand Heights. Once that was done they went on their herald journey with the assumption that finding them will help with the siege.

      I also left out some other details. In Pinnacle they met a powerful Sodality paladin named Roland Telbain and his… SPOILER ALERT – HEROES of VALLHYN…

      squire Leona (the same Leona from the Heroes of Vallhyn stories). They sent them (and Roland’s dragon) back to Grand Heights to lay waste.

      More to come soon!