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Episode 5: The Fall of F2P? (Ft. Sr. Julie & Sr. Fran of No Prisoners, No Mercy)

Guest starring: Sister Julie and Sister Fran from No Prisoners, No Mercy!

Is a 5th episode an anniversary? Not quite, but it’s certainly a special one. This week we’re pleased to be joined by Sister Fran and Sister Julie of the No Prisoners, No Mercy podcast. It was an absolute pleasure to have them on, especially since Adam and I have been longtime fans of their show. Considering the recent news about (F2P) Allod’s Online offering a subscription option and Julie’s enthusiasm for the model, we decided to look at exactly where the MMO business model might be headed. It’s certainly on people’s minds. Is F2P still the saving grace for the industry or is it unsustainable in its current incarnation? More importantly, if that’s the case, what will come up to replace it: Buy-to-Play, the revivification of subscriptions, or some refined version of the cash shop model?

We would once again like to thank Julie and Fran for joining us. It was a wonderful time and the resulting show is something we’re proud to add to our library. What’s more, they had us as guests on their show as well for a lively discussion on violence and video games, so stay tuned for when that goes live!

Sister Julie and Sister Fran’s Links: Virgin Worlds, No Prisoners, No Mercy Website

Chris’ Links: Hooked Gamers, Game By Night, Vagary.TV

Adam’s Links: Epic Slant Press

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2 Responses to Episode 5: The Fall of F2P? (Ft. Sr. Julie & Sr. Fran of No Prisoners, No Mercy)

  1. It took me so long to finish drafting my response to this that you all recorded and released a new episode!

    Short form – Marketing depts have mangled the terms F2P and B2P so badly that I’m inclined to use LOTRO as proof that it’s B2P which is not sustainable. Even though Turbine calls LOTRO F2P (because it’s technically possible to buy thousands of points worth of content by earning TP 5 points at a time in-game), it’s really much more like a B2P model with an optional legacy subscription option.

    • Ferrel says:

      I really enjoyed your response! I think we’ll be talking about it on Episode 7! Then, hopefully, we can get out episode 8 before you can re-respond!

      I’m actually really loving the 30 minute format. We can be a lot more agile with topics and such. We’re committed to producing content each week, every week, until people stop listening or we both die in a horrible Furry-related incident.