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The Guild Leader’s Companion 2e – Team Leaders

Ferrel Wears PlateIn organizations there are going to be certain roles that must be filled by someone with a little authority and also depend on a specific set of skills. In some cases, these roles may be simply too small to be filled by an officer. You and your officers may also lack the specific set of abilities necessary to complete the role’s requirements. Here, you need to look into finding a team leader.

A team leader can be viewed more as an expert in a particular area than as a general leader. As a leader, you then empower that expert just enough so that others will follow the directions the individual gives within his area of expertise. Traditionally, an example of this would be a raid or class leader. These individuals take on a small subset of responsibilities for the good of the organization but are not expected to act beyond them.

The primary goal when picking a team leader is to ensure that they are actually skilled in the area in which you want an expert. If you pick someone who is wonderful at recruiting to be your raid leader, you are not doing yourself a favor! Beyond being skilled at the task you’ve prepared, you also want a team leader that has a bit of charisma if he’s going to be dealing with other members of your organization. The greater influence the team leader will have on members, the more personable he or she should be.

You’ll also want to be certain that any team leader is at least aware of your expectations. The player should be reasonably comfortable with the STAFF virtues and understand all the metrics by which they will be judged. This helps your team leader to understand their role and keeps them from overreaching. Be careful whom you chose, because a demotion will probably still mean losing that player, unless the activity simply ceases to be a part of your organization’s strategy.

You should always be sure that you do actually have a need for any team-leader position. Is the role something that could actually be filled by an officer? Is the role so small that you could utilize a regular member? These are important things to consider before growing out your management team.

The final important piece of advice when considering a team leader is honesty. You need to be honest with any leaders you select about your expectations. If a team-leader role is the first stop on the way to full officer, make that clear. If being a team leader is not a path to an officer position, also make that very clear. You can upset your team leaders by promoting someone they view as subordinate. In my eyes, team leaders are specialists, and that doesn’t always make for talented general officers. You can view the position any way you like; as long as you remain honest, you’ll mitigate the risks involved.

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I hope you’ve enjoyed this preview of The Guild Leader’s Companion 2nd Edition. Please check out the product page for more information and useful information on guild leadership.

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