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Epic Slant Press LLC is a small publishing company based in North Carolina that currently focuses on books and games. Positivity is the driving force that guides each and every project that the company takes on. The team strongly believes that with a positive outlook anyone can achieve great things. Epic Slant Press LLC strives to support small and local businesses, aid fellow entrepreneurs, and donate a portion of all profits to charities and good causes.

Why Positivity?

Think of a time when you went back to a store or restaurant and an employee there remembered your name. That simple act probably gave you warm feelings (and might help retain your business!). How about a day when all of your customers were angry or just apathetic, and then you had that one customer that was cheerful and grateful for your help? Positive encounters like these make lasting impressions and it is our mission to better serve the community by creating as many of them as possible.

Episode 1: A New Beginning

Welcome to the inaugural episode of MMO Radio! This is the place where MMO and table top gaming collide to bring you the week’s news and hot topics in a fun half-hour format. Together, Adam “Ferrel” Trzonkowski and Chris “Syeric” Coke bring three books, hundreds of blog posts and podcast appearances, and thousands of in-game hours to bear against the topics of the week.

This week we look at the recent layoffs at Trion and what that might mean for RIFT, World of Warcraft: Mists of Pandaria versus RIFT: Storm Legion, B2P as the new payment model for MMOs, and how being a dungeon master is a lot like leading a guild. We may also have inadvertently stumbled into wife swapping and red lace. Maybe.

If you were a fan of our old show, The Multiverse, or are just a fan of MMOs or DnD and are looking for a fun way to spend half-an-hour, this is the show for you.

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5 Responses to Episode 1: A New Beginning

  1. Missed you guys, looking forward to the show. :)

    • Regarding the MMO topic of the week, I think modern MMO’s have been working really hard at becoming better games, but don’t seem to have thought through the reality that games are meant to be played and finished.

      Almost nobody would have wanted to play single-player offline EQ1. The title succeeded DESPITE its gameplay because it was a virtual world in which you could hang out with your friends. Today’s titles face so much competition for the solo players that make up the majority of the revenue that they feel compelled to try and become experiences that could stand on their own as single-player offline games. They have succeeded – indeed, with some of the more poorly thought-out non-subscription models it’s actually cheaper to play online than consoles – but the “3-monther” “MMO-tourist” was the inevitable result.

      Incidentally, I think Rift is especially unsuited to non-subscription business models in part because they are the last kill-ten-rats MMO standing that is designed to be more fun in a group. Even if you did figure out how to make the finances work, the game is ill-positioned to appeal to solo non-subscription players.

  2. I have been burning effigies of the “Casual Gaming” segment for years now. My mobile device is so much more capable than that. I demand full length games! If I can fit an NES/SNES emulator and 30,000 games on a thumb drive, I can fit it all on my phone too. There’s no reason for little derpy casual games to exist on the level that they’re considered a moving force in the gaming culture as a whole. Screw that noise.

  3. Starseeker says:

    I am happy that y’all are back!

    It is interesting to hear your take of the challenges you’ve had with 4E table top, I haven’t played that one really (except a brief half drunken excursion at PAX last year with your guild), but I found that I have faced these same challenges in previous editions…I’m glad I wasn’t the only one! Usually, since I ran a planescape and a greyhawk campaign (yes old school) I would throw unusual situations at them. I’d know what they stock piled so I’d make sure some part of the encounter was something they may not have thought of to keep it challenging…although there were times when I would have to run chain combat to just wear them out some.

    I like hearing about the table top as well as the MMO stuff, since I do both as well. Great job!