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About Us

Epic Slant Press is a small publishing company based in North Carolina that currently focuses on books and games. Positivity is the driving force that guides each and every project that the company takes on. The team strongly believes that with a positive outlook anyone can achieve great things. Epic Slant Press strives to support small and local businesses, aid fellow entrepreneurs, and donate a portion of all profits to charities and good causes.

Why Positivity?

Think of a time when you went back to a store or restaurant and an employee there remembered your name. That simple act probably gave you warm feelings (and might help retain your business!). How about a day when all of your customers were angry or just apathetic, and then you had that one customer that was cheerful and grateful for your help? Positive encounters like these make lasting impressions and it is our mission to better serve the community by creating as many of them as possible.

GLC2e Weekend Campaign Goal

Epic Slant Press LogoIt has been somewhat of a slow week for The Guild Leader’s Companion 2nd Edition Kickstarter campaign. We hit our goal, over funded, and then lost our momentum. I think people believe that since we hit our target we’re done! I can assure you that we’re not! We have a lot of days left and I really want to attempt to hit some of our stretch goals so that I can offer more rewards and a better product.

Speaking of rewards, we have some awesome, limited edition, goodies left that people might not be aware of. Did you know you can get a black and white inked drawing of any of your characters and that the drawing will be included in the book? How about the fact that you can have your player organization interviewed and included in the book forever? My hope for this weekend is to find another $140 of support to reach our second stretch goal. If we do, everyone that pledged $20 or more will receive a pair of Epic Slant Press six-sided dice! If we happen to get $640 everyone will get a PDF sneak peak of my third book and one lucky supporter will be selected for an interview with Guild Launch! There are some other pretty cool rewards and stretch rewards on the project if you haven’t checked it out yet.

What I’m asking for this weekend is the chance to get the word out! I need a favor. My sphere of influence is only so large. I understand that you might not interested in a book about leading player organizations but your friends might be! Please consider forwarding this along on Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or even on your blog! The more eyes the better. All I can offer in return is my genuine gratitude and the promise that I’ll do the same for you one day. Thank you everyone.

This type of art print could be yours!

Ferrel Dual Wields

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