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Newbie Blogger IconThe Newbie Blogger Initiative is going pretty well thus far. I’ve seen a lot of great tips and a ton of link sharing. This really offers a lot of value to the new blogger who might need a positive review or just some exposure. Today I wanted to add some additional tips that others might not have covered and share some of the things I read this weekend. Every blogger does things a little differently but I like to think there are some universal tactics that we can all use to be successful.

Social Engagement

Social engagement is the most important thing you can do as a blogger. If you’re not constantly sending updates to Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ about your latest post you’re not doing things right! The best way to track how much influence you have is through Klout. Klout will tell you just how popular you are and tell everyone else whether or not they should pay you any attention. It is the most accurate way to judge your self worth! Coincidentally… why not give me +K on Klout?!

Blog by not blogging

Coming up with new topics to blog about can be hard sometimes. Usually if I’m feeling all positive I don’t have a lot to say! Epic Slant was built on my need to arm-chair game design and talk about guild leadership topics! Sometimes I just don’t have too much to say and that is perfectly alright. I’ve mastered the art of blogging by not blogging. When you just don’t have anything to write about try starting a podcast! It is like blogging, but without the need to be coherent. For some reason people are perfectly happy to sit and listen to you talk about games while drunk! If that fails, just go look at what everyone else is talking about and rehash the same topic. Somehow that seems to work!

Things I read this weekend

James from Funsponge has written a lot of good things lately. The thing that really caught my attention is this short quip about the Diablo 3 downloader. He discusses how hard it is to pre-load the game (and it really is) and how evidently if you downloaded the downloader before Saturday it just isn’t the downloader for the download job. Download. =( (He also wrote this!)

Gaming for Introverts is a blog that interests me very much. I’m still catching up on all of Pamela’s blog posts but the one I want to share today is very interesting and pointed. It is one of the reasons I think old MMORPG players lament new games: the lack of social engagement (and I’m not talking about Klout). This is a very good look at some of the reasons EverQuest was special. Even in a game I love like Rift I can’t talk to anyone if I’m not on voice chat. Why? My DPS or HPS or anyPS will drop to nothing. All of these “action oriented” games require constant button pressing. My text always ends up looking like: Hey122223222 everyone, how was1222 your weekend.

I enjoyed what I read this weekend and I hope everyone else does too! There are some super talented writers that are new to blogging and we should all go out and support them!

(Disclaimer: My tips were an attempt to be humorous. You probably shouldn’t do those things. Actually, you should give me Klout.)

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  1. On the difficult download for diablo 3, it really sucked for me. We live far out of town, and as such, need to pay per gb used. So we only get 10 a month for the whole family, and with the download being 15 gb, I think you can see my problem. Even if I was the only one to use the Internet, it’d still take me 2 months to download. I don’t think it’s they’re fault, I just wish I hadn’t bought it for $60.

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