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Night Haven – An iPad game that only I play

Night Haven LogoA few weeks back I was browsing the Apple app store and saw a new featured game called Night Haven from Digital Chocolate. The general premise is similar to Farmville in that you build a little farm, grow crops, and harvest them. What is different is that you use your crops to brew potions to fling in the faces of spiders, werewolves, vampires, and giants when they come to destroy your town at night. This adds an element to the game that really attracts me. During the day I farm but at night I slay the vile creatures that have stolen my beautiful wife.

The only player

One of the funny things about Night Haven is that it basically does not exist on the internet as far as I can tell. Nobody is playing it and Digital Chocolate does the best it can to hide it on their website. At the very bottom there is a small link that says “Other Digital Chocolate games” that you have to click. Then you select iPhone games and you’ll find it. That was kind of funny to me. If you look for guides on Google you’re not going to find any. I see that the game has reviews but I’m pretty certain it is all for show. My true belief is that I am the only person on the planet that is playing the game. That can make it kind of lonely and it also makes it hard to get answers when I am confused.

Poor balance

The greatest frustration with Night Haven thus far is that the quests you’re given at low level aren’t necessarily achievable. I have a whole journal of tasks that I cannot complete because of a bug with a low level quest. Early on you’re asked to build a laboratory. To do so you need a wolf fur. You would think you can get a wolf fur from killing werewolves but no, you can’t. Night Haven also has pets that give items when they level. Thus, you might think by leveling your wolf pet you’d get wolf fur but no, you don’t. I’m level 49 now and I haven’t built a laboratory. Due to that fact I’ve been unable to make the strongest potions and that means defeating the monsters are harder than they should be. I also can’t finish any of the quests that require me to brew higher end potions. It is frustrating to say the least. I did find a single forum thread about the game where some guy who was level 54 said he did manage to finally get a fur. So in five more levels after I basically finish the entire game I might be able to start back on the quest line. Huzzah!

Somewhat buggy

For the most part Night Haven works as intended. There are some little bugs that are annoying. For one, items seem to disappear. I could have sworn I had two spider webs a little while ago. Now I have only one after just finding a new one! I suspect that someone has been in my storage taking my webs!

Beyond web thievery there are some interface bugs. If you accidentally click on a field twice your character will try to double plant it, fail to do so, and give up doing anything else like the lazy, shiftless little bastard he is. He expects you to re-queue up the actions because it seems like not being able to double plant a field makes him forget how to plant other fields or chop wood. Combat is also slightly buggy. When you click a monster it stops so that you can use your item on it. Sometimes, however, the monster decides it doesn’t want to stop. It is like a honey badger, it just doesn’t give a damn. It will walk away and your character will go to where the monster was  previously and attack the air. You still defeat the monster but it just seems buggy.

None of these bugs are show stopping but if I get a wolf fur and it disappears I’m going to be very upset. I might set fire to everyone in the town until they produce the stolen fur.

Give us your money

Digital Chocolate isn’t very coy about sticking their hands into your pockets either. There is no foreplay or gentle stroking. No, they get right to business and with very little restraint. You’re not a few minutes into the action before they’re trying to get your cash and shove crystals down your throat. Crystals can be used to buy equipment, gold, or wood. You can also use them to hurry actions. The problem is that equipment is marginally useful and when it comes to armor it is a consumable. A really expensive consumable.

Consumables in Night Haven aren’t your usual low cost street walker. If you want a rare component you may have to pay up to 100 crystals ($9.99) for it and it alone won’t necessarily get you what you want. The rate is even worse if you’re buying gold or wood. Digital Chocolate does give you a discount on crystals if you buy in bulk, which I applaud. So many games sell larger packets but don’t make it more cost effective. The final frustration I have with this is that wolf fur is not for sale. If I could have bought it I’d have done so by now! You’d think that would be a prime racket!

Still fun

Night Haven WolfDespite all of the problems I actually do enjoy Night Haven. It has a lot of things going for it. You have progression through leveling, a fun system of hatching and improving pets, and some town building if you were able to get the components. It is kind of like a turn based strategy game stacked on top of Farmville.

I’m not certain if someone is even working on the game but I do hope so. According to Apple it was last updated in March of this year so I have faith. If you have some free time and want a fun iDevice game without a lot of commitment some strategic combat Night Haven is worth picking up for free. I just hope you have a better luck getting the wolf fur than I do!

Night Haven - No wolf fur

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9 Responses to Night Haven – An iPad game that only I play

  1. Richard says:

    Hi. I know how you feel as I have the very same issues but I would really like to have more plots so I can have more crops and hence more potions. But every time I try it says I NEED more silos and every time I try to build more silos it says I need to upgrade my cottage. The only thing left to build is a castle, any ideas! I also have not built the lab!

    • Ferrel says:

      I haven’t even been able to upgrade to the cottage yet. I simply am not getting enough webbing. Hopefully we’ll see a patch soon that will resolve some of this!

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  3. Rainman says:

    Anoather player here… I’m on level 61, have all the building except the school. I have almost 1/2 mil coins and all the animals except 2 because I have never gotten any werewolf mane or unicorn dust. Apparently the only place they exist is in the store that you need gems to buy them with, and a lot of them ( naturally ). I haven’t had any missions in about 10 levels. When I finished the last mission it said something about a figure at the edge of the forest but the game just seems to go on without much of anything to do except plant my 12 plots (still no additional silos so I can get more plots) and continue to fight at night without any progress in sight except accumulating more coins, wood, and other things like warewolf fur (I have 74 now) that seem to have no purpose.

    I’ll play for awhile longer in hopes it gets more interesting but I am getting pretty bored at this point and won’t be buying coins to see if that moves things along. I did buy one batch hoping that if I upgraded my shack it would unlock something. Well $10.00 later and lesson learned!

  4. Rainman says:

    Oh yeah one more thing I built the building that is supposed to give you some kind of “parts” for lack of a better word, ( it was so long ago now and once build it disappeared from the menu and ther is no way to tell what it is – I think maybe the factory?) but it rarely seems to make anything, sometimes some coins, but I was thinking that it would give me werewolf mane or unicorn dust – not! Not sure what use it is.

  5. lowpoejai says:

    I’m at level 64 and I’ve upgraded my cottage (It’s come out of the menu) yet i still can’t buy any shelters because it says I have to upgrade my cottage. my parts workshop still hasn’t been unlocked and I have no missions left to unlock it. Sigh….. it’s so promising and keep playing because i think maybe something’s going to happen

    • Ferrel says:


      At this point I’ve basically lost interest. The game was fun but it needs some polish to bring in people and keep them going.

  6. JohnSilver says:

    If you build shelters and get villagers the villagers will sometimes have quests for you. These usually are things like “Give me 2 wood and I’ll give you some Magic Beans.” But sometimes they include “Give me 2 shrink ferns and I’ll give you wolf fur.” It has been the only reliable way that I’ve managed to acquire wolf fur, and vampire putty at all. I have 3 villagers that ask me for a trade once in a while. I’m hoping that when I someday get to unlock that parts workshop I’ll be able to get item drops from monsters instead.

  7. Ces Lim says:

    The first time I played Nighthaven which was maybe early 2012, I did not have a problem with acquisition of any of the buildings. I even got to build a castle. But sometime May, I had to wipe out my iPad and reinstall the game. Lo and behold, I can’t buy the parts workshop. I restarted the game, i.e., back to level 1. I am now at level 50 and I still can’t buy the workshop. It says I have to finish a mission but I only have about two missions left. The first time I played it, I got the workshop before I hit level 40. The most irritating thing is – Digital Choc does not have support for this game.