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How to get the Skia pet in Rift

Rift - Skia PetAre you a pet collector? Or perhaps you crave artifacts and don’t care that the Wanton Desires set rewards the pet Skia? Well, in either case, you’re going to learn how to get Skia and you’re going to like it! When I found out about the pet I instantly went to the Google to find out more. My search only returned videos. While they are great, I hate videos. I couldn’t sit through them, so I just went into the master version of Caduceus Rise to figure it out myself.

First of all, what I figured out seems to be (I think) covered in one of the videos. If you’re more of a “video learner”, then you can just stop right here and go watch one yourself. Second of all, fighting level 52 mobs (albeit regular ones) is unavoidably involved, as the artifacts drop from their corpses. Third of all, the mobs don’t always drop artifacts. You could run through the zone, kill them, and get nothing! Since you don’t kill any bosses or anything, you can just zone out, reset, and try again as much as you’d like. I always abandon the quest and get it again when I reset the zone. On that note, I read that once you complete the quest you can’t get it again. I also read that it’s planned to fix it so you can still get artifacts or get the quest again or something, but for now, just don’t complete the quest!

Rift - Caduceus Rise map The route I found is pretty darn straightforward. Hug the wall from start to finish! There are only two spots that are potentially tricky, but otherwise you just keep running (and hopping when appropriate).

The first tricky spot is easy to walk across, but sometimes mobs would spot me for no conceivable reason. You can either turn around and run back to the start to leash them off, or plunge forward and hope you don’t run into the next set of mobs. The second one is only a little tricky because you have to jump from one rock to another. There is an overhanging rock that you can bump into and it might push you into a group of mobs, although more often than not it just makes you panic and think you will when you won’t! Other than that, you hug the wall, play it smart, and get to the prize at the end (clicking a chest, summoning mobs, and slaughtering them for artifacts). For the more “visual learners”:

  1. Upon entering the zone, head forward toward the camp of adventurers to pick up the quest there. Once you do, you’ll want to turn toward the east and run up the hill until you hit the mountainous wall and start hugging it!
  2. This is the first spot where you might pull these mobs. Note: the demon in the upper left corner is a roamer and might pose a problem, but I’ve never pulled him.
  3. In order to avoid the aforementioned mobs, this is the path you want to climb for the best chance at avoiding them! It even looks like a path!
  4. This is the second tricky spot. The big goblin-looking rock’s nose can throw you off course, but just keep your cool and stand near the nose, then hop down. There are mobs nearby, but they seem to be pretty good at staying out of the way.
  5. ???
  6. Profit!!

The rest is simple. After you click the chest, a little event will occur, after which a bunch of mobs will aggro and attack each other. You gather them up and when they die, their corpses have a chance to drop artifacts. When they are all dead, you kill the Will of Laethys to advance the quest, but I avoid that just to ensure I don’t accidentally finish the quest, since that is where the artifact gathering ends until the zone is reset and you try again.

All of this is soloable with the right build. As a Warrior, I went in with a Paladin-heavy build to become basically invincible with the Tip the Balance self-healing and it works out great, although a little slow in the DPS department.

Good luck! Let me know if there’s anything I missed!

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