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Rift Test Patch 1.8 set one

Rift CorgiI love how quickly Trion puts out content. I’m spoiled in that way. It is exciting when a new set of notes show up and I’m always glad to share them with you. One of the big features is the now “Seal” equipment slot. A crafting only slot to make professions more attractive. We’re also seeing the two new minor professions. I believe a lot of people will be really into Fishing. A slight surprise for me was the release of the third tier of planar attunement. I’m looking forwards to jumping on test (if I ever get back into my house and on my computer) to see those brackets. I’m also glad to see the rune recipes for the sigils.

* A new equipment slot for crafted Seal items is now available. Recipes to create Seals are available beginning around level 40/skill level 225 for all production crafting skills with the exception of Runecrafting, and can be found on various crafting recipe merchants.
* Two additional Professions – Fishing and Survival – are now in testing on PTS. These professions do not count against the existing limit of 3 Professions on a character. Find new Fishing and Survival Trainers in Meridian or Sanctum, or head to Argent Glade or Kelari Refuge and speak with the trainers there to start off on your Fishing adventure! PTS NOTE: Not all recipes granted by these professions are final, resulting items are still having effects and bonuses added to them. Survival gear is not yet ready for use.
* Additional Instant Adventures are available and ready for testing on Ember Isle!
* The third tier of Planar Attunement can now be unlocked!
* Characters in Guilds may notice a new Recruiting tab on the guild UI – the first sign of the new guild recruiting and guild finding tool!

* Nimble mounts (90% speed increase) no longer require you to wait until level 30 to purchase them. They’re now available for 25 platinum at level 25.
* Rift Faction Merchants now sell new Runes that will add resistances to your Planar Focus!
* The new ‘Sort By Progress’ button on the Artifact window allows you to sort your Artifact sets based on how complete they are!
* Players can no longer un-equip their weapons while Mind Controlled. I’m afraid we can’t let you do that, Ascended. :>
* Fixed an edge case where a player with unspent Soul Points in a role not currently active would be kicked from the LFG queue when using a Porticulum.

* The ‘Invasion Defeated’ splash text is no longer displayed for Invasions you don’t have contribution toward defeating. Same goes for Footholds.
* Zone events in Scarlet Gorge and Scarwood Reach should have a longer start-up time after the initial announcements.

* A new Ascended Power, Fury of the Ascended, has been created as a replacement for Anti-Planar Augmentation/Holy Champion that is available at all levels. This new ability is granted at level 1, and shares a 1-minute cooldown with Anti-Planar Augmentation/Holy Champion (if you have one of these).
* Anti-Planar Augmentation and Holy Champion are no longer available to be trained from merchants, though characters that already have one of these abilities will not lose them. Fury of the Ascended is meant to replace these Ascended Powers and allow players to become more familiar with how it works at earlier levels.
* You can now interrupt ground-targeted channeled ability casts by re-casting the same ability (ex: Fire Storm).
* Justicar NPCs will no longer use Sovereignty.
* Updated all ability tooltips for Warrior and Cleric abilities.


* Lurking Decay: Now a passive effect.

* Pet abilities will no longer fail due to facing requirements.
* Brutal Impact: Now increases the damage of Fervent Strike and Combined Effort by 3-9%.
* Crag Hammer: Now properly calculates damage when proccing.
* Fae Step: New ability available at 20 points. Teleports you directly to the target. 20 meter range, 15 second cooldown, no global cooldown.
* Hot-Blooded: Now increases the Spell Power bonus of Bombard and Eruption of Life by 5-25%. No longer requires you to spent points in Rage of the Fae to obtain.
* Rage of the Fae: Reduced cooldown to 2 minutes.
* Shield of Oak: Now absorbs all damage types. Increases movement speed by 5% while active.
* Slothful Spirit: The debuff now increases the target’s casting costs by 50%.
* Spirit of the Wood: Can now also trigger from Wild Strike.
* Stone Burst: Ability Removed.
* Wild Strike: Now hits 5 targets.

* Nysyr’s Rebuke: Now properly requires line of sight to cast.

* Cavalier: Now a passive effect.
* Devout Deflection: Now adds 33-100% of your Wisdom to Parry, and 33-100% of your Intelligence to Dodge.
* Salvation: Now a passive effect.
* Shield of Faith: Now reduces damage taken by 3-15%.
* Sovereignty: Now deals Life damage and stuns the target for 2 seconds.
* Stalwart Citadel: Now adds 33-100% of your Wisdom value to Block.
* Supremacy: Now reduces Physical damage taken by 9-18%.
* Thorvin’s Law: Now reduces non-Physical damage taken by 2-4% plus an additional 1.2% per point spent in Justicar over 26.

* Rite of the Ancestors: Can no longer be cast on a target currently under the effect of Spiritual Conflagration.
* Ward of the Ancestors, Gathering of the Ancestors: Can no longer be cast on a target currently under the effects of Spiritual Conflagration or Rite of the Ancestors.

* Empowering Light: Now only selects targets that have a Poison, Disease, or Curse on them.

* Deluge: The Revitalizing Water HoT now scales based on any HoTs existing on the target, not just ones you cast on them.
* Healing Flood: Now has a total stack size on a target of 1, instead of 1 per caster.
* Overflow: Now heals for less in PvP situations.
* Soothing Stream: Now has a total stack size on a target of 4, instead of 4 per caster.


* Consuming Flames: Can no longer be cast on a target under the effect of Purifier’s Rite of the Ancestors or Spiritual Conflagration.
* Cleansing Flames: Now removes one Poison, Disease, or Curse from up to 10 party or raid members in the target area. Only chooses targets that have an effect to remove.
* Leeching Flames: Reduced duration to 8 seconds.
* Pillaging Stone: The ability description will now correctly update the stats given by this buff as you spend points in Strength of Stone.
* Searing Vitality: Reduced duration to 8 seconds.

* Lifegiving Veil and Lifebound Veil: Healing in PvP increased by 15%.
* Natural Conversion: Fixed a case where this could be consumed by an existing damage over time effect instead of on the next damaging spell cast.
* Natural Healing: No longer affected by pushback while casting.
* Withering Vine: Now instant cast. Increased duration to 16 seconds.

* Charged Shield: Will no longer remove your Mage Armor buff if cast on an ally.
* Haunting Pain: Increased duration to 16 seconds.

* Icy Carapace: Increased duration to 16 seconds.
* Ignite: Reduced duration to 8 seconds.

* Corpse Explosion: Increased duration to 30 seconds.
* Necrosis: Reduced base duration to 10 seconds. Spending points in Flesh Rot now increases the duration of Necrosis by 2-6 seconds, increases base damage by 20-60%, and increases the benefit to Necrosis from Spell Power by 20-60%.

* Fixed some spells granting Charge while Storm Guard is active.
* Forked Lightning: Increased max number of targets this can hit to 8.

* Defile: Fixed Defile continuing to consume Charge if it was cleansed from the target.
* Empowered Darkness: Now costs 75 Charge to cast, but no longer consumes Charge or blocks Charge gain while active. Reduced the damage bonus for the Warlock to 70% while Empowered Darkness is active. 15 second maximum duration.
* Life Leech: Reduced base duration to 10 seconds. Spending points in Improved Life Leech now increases the duration of Life Leech by 2-6 seconds, increases its base damage by 20-60%, increases the benefit to Life Leech from Spell Power by 20-60%, and increases the amount healed by 10-30%.
* Sacrifice Life: Damage: Reduced cooldown to 30 seconds and increased the damage bonus granted to 20%.


* Deadly Dance: The damage bonus from Deadly Dance now only applies to Combo Point-generating attacks that use melee weapons. No longer applied to Saboteur Charges or ranged weapon Combo Point generators.
* False Blade: Functionality changed – now a Finisher that heals the Rogue over 12 seconds.
* Improved False Blade: Functionality changed – increases the amount healed from False Blade by 25-50%.

* Empowered Shot: Energy cost reduced to 40 from 45.
* Vampiric Munitions: The amount of healing siphoned has been reduced from 50% to 40%. Healing reduction remains at 50%.

* Dusk to Dawn: Fixed a bug where the Nightrage buff would not be applied if the first tick of Dusk to Dawn killed the target.
* Fell Blades: The amount of healing siphoned has been reduced from 50% to 40%. Healing reduction remains at 50%.

* Improved Escape Artist: Removed.
* Shadow Fire: Fixed the Shadow Fire buff not applying if the target is killed or immune to damage on hit.
* Splinter Shot: Energy cost reduced to 40 from 45.
* Steady Hand – New Ability: Increases the effect of Attack Power on ranged weapon abilities by 5%, plus an additional 2% per point spent in Ranger above 26.
* Zardonis’ Ranger Crystal: 2-piece Bonus now also reduces the Energy cost of Shadow Fire by 10.

* Improved Guardian Phase: Now also reduces damage taken from Physical attacks by 5% and non-Physical attacks by 7%.
* Rift Guard: Now only absorbs 10% of incoming damage in PvP at its base level.
* Shadow Guard: Now requires 500 Armor to reduce Physical damage taken by 1% in PvP. PvE requirement remains 400 Armor per 1% reduction.

The goal of Saboteur changes in 1.8 is to make the Saboteur a competitive AOE DPS soul, in line with other AOE DPS souls like the Cabalist and Stormcaller.
* All Saboteur Charges can no longer be parried, dodged, blocked, or deflected.
* All Traps, except Land Mines, no longer have a cooldown.
* Bomb Specialist: Now also reduces the Energy cost of Bombs by 1-5.
* Caltrop Charge: Functionality changed – Now causes the target and surrounding enemies to Bleed for 10 seconds when detonated.
* Charge Booster: Functionality changed – now increases the Attack Power contribution to damage of Charges by 10%. For every point spent in Saboteur above 21, the Attack Power contribution is increased by 3%.
* Chemical Bomb: Duration of the effect increased to 10 seconds, up from 8. Damage adjusted.
* Combat Survival: Ability removed.
* Combat Wounds – New Ability: Increases the damage of Spike Charge and Caltrop Charge by 10-20%.
* Combined Arms: New ability. Your Fragmentation Bomb has a 50-100% chance to detonate all Blast and Spike Charges you have applied to your enemies.
* Demolition Specialist: Now affects an additional 4-8 targets, up from 1-2.
* Embers Charge: Now causes the target and surrounding enemies to take an additional 5% damage from non-physical attacks. Lasts 12 seconds per Charge.
* High Explosives: Functionality changed – your Fragmentation Bomb, Time Bomb, and Annihilation Bomb now cause the target and surrounding enemies to Bleed for 6 seconds.
* Improved Spike Charge: Ability removed.
* Spike Charge: Duration of the effect increased to 10 seconds, up from 9. Damage Over Time interval is now every 2 seconds, down from 3. Damage adjusted.
* Splinter Charge: Now deals damage and applies its debuff to the target and surrounding enemies. Reduces target armor by a fixed amount. Lasts 12 seconds per charge.
* The Trapper: Ability removed.
* Trench Warfare: New ability. Increases the Attack Power contribution to the damage of all Bombs, Traps, and Land Mines by 10%. Also affects Detonate. For every point spent in Saboteur above 26, the Attack Power contribution is increased by 4%.
* Zardonis’ Saboteur Crystal: 2-Piece Bonus: Functionality changed – now increases the damage of Blast Charge and Spike Charge by 30%.
* Zardonis’ Saboteur Crystal: 4-Piece Bonus: Functionality changed – now increases the damage of all Saboteur AOE abilities by 15%.

* All Warriors now get a passive buff called Building Fury, which gives increased Attack Power contribution to Finishers based on the number of Action Points used.
* Finishers no longer have their own individual damage increases based on Attack Points.
* All damaging abilities have been rebalanced to work with Attack Power being used in a more consistent manner.

* Effects that increase the damage of Bleeds no longer boost the initial hit of: Tearing Slash, Feral Sweep, Flesh Rip, Slashing Strike.
* Tearing Slash and Feral Sweep: Both have been rebalanced due to their Bleed ignoring armor.
* Primal Rage: Reduced cooldown to 15 seconds, increased duration to 5-15 seconds. Now properly applies to the Beastmaster and their pet.
* Slashing Strike: Fixed the delay before the ability deals its initial damage.
* Survival of the Fittest: Ability changed. Now increases outgoing damage of the Beastmaster and their pet based on number of Soul Points spent in Beastmaster.
* Rasmolov’s Beastmaster Crystal: 4-piece bonus reduced to 20% to be more in line with other Synergy Crystals.

* Bloodthirst now gains a 200% Attack Power contribution instead of a weapon damage modification.
* Cornered Beast: Now has a 2.5 second duration, dealing damage every 0.5 seconds. Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds. Increased damage.
* Deadly Strikes: Fixed a bug allowing Deadly Strikes to work with one-handed weapons in certain cases.
* Destroyer’s Bearing: Damage bonus increased to a maximum of 50%, up from 35%. Now only grants an Attack Point when using a Finisher ability with 3 Attack Points.
* Disruptive Strike: Now gains a 200% Attack Power contribution instead of a weapon damage modification. Cooldown lowered to 10 seconds from 15.
* Punishing Blow: Increased damage.
* Slayer’s Bearing: Reduced to 3% critical strike damage bonus. Intense Training now increases the bonus by 3% per point.
* Titan’s Strike: No longer stuns the target, and deals damage to additional targets based on Attack Power. Cooldown reduced to 15 seconds. Also fixed a bug causing Titan’s Strike to not be affected properly by Teaching of the Five Rings, Rift Fury, or Weapon Specialization.
* Weapon Specialization: Increased to 0.6% ability damage increase per point spent in Champion.
* Rasmolov’s Champion Crystal: The 4-piece bonus damage for area of effect attacks has been reduced from 35% to 20%. Now only affects Mighty Blow, Cornered Beast, and Bladefury to be more in line with other Synergy Crystals.

* Touch of Life, Life’s Rapture: Now heal for 50% of their normal value in PvP.

* Paired Strike, Path of the Hurricane, Path of the Raptor, Death Touch: Now gain a 200% Attack Power contribution instead of a weapon damage modification.
* Bend Like the Reed: Damage buff effect reduced to 5/12/25.
* Flurry: Duration reduced to 2.5 seconds, dealing damage every 0.5 seconds. Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds. Increased damage.
* Force of Will: Critical hit damage bonus reduced to 2-6%.
* Reaping Harvest: Increased damage.
* Rising Waterfall: Now has different damage effects based on whether you’re Dual Wielding or not. Gains a 200% Attack Power contribution instead of a weapon damage modification. Increased the damage for non-dual-wielding to match that of Power Strike. Can now trigger Way of the Wind.
* Strike Like Iron: Reduced to 10/20/30%.
* Teaching of the Five Rings: Increased to 0.6% ability damage increase per point spent in Paragon.
* Way of the Mountain: Now only enhances the damage of follow-up attacks when dual wielding.
* Way of the Wind: Now deals damage based on Attack Power.
* Weapon Master: Now triggers off of follow-up attacks. Grants its Attack Point 100% of the time.

* Damage of all Burst abilities has been rebalanced; they’ve been reduced to reflect that they are off the global cooldown.
* Avatar of the Rift: Now deals damage based on Attack Power.
* Burning Blood: Now bases damage off of your Attack Power.
* Enhanced Burst: For 6 seconds after using a Burst, now applies a 10-30% damage bonus to Elemental attacks that do not consume Attack Points.
* Fiery Burst: Now has a 10 second duration.
* Icy Burst: New ability available at 2 points in Riftblade. Finisher ability that deals Water damage on the next attack.
* Improved Freeze Armor: Removed.
* Rift Fury: Now affects all attacks, similar to Teaching of the Five Rings or Weapon Specialization. Increased to 0.6% non-physical ability damage increase per point spent in Riftblade.
* Rift Storm: Has been changed to more closely match Cornered Beast and Flurry. Lasts 2.5 seconds and hits every 0.5 seconds. Cooldown reduced to 30 seconds.
* Rift Strike: Now gains a 200% Attack Power contribution instead of a weapon damage modification.
* Scald – New ability replacing Improved Freeze Armor. Deals 10-20% of the damage done by Icy Burst as Air damage when used against someone under the effect from Fiery Burst.
* Static Shock: Now deals damage based on your Attack Power.
* Storm Blade: Duration lowered to 5 seconds instead of 6. Now deals damage based on your Attack Power.
* Rasmolov’s Riftblade Crystal: 4-piece bonus increased to 20% and no longer requires Riftwalk. Should now be more in line with other Synergy Crystals.

* Fusion of Flesh: Now heals for 50% of its normal value in PvP.
* Rift Shield: Can no longer be cast on a target under the effect of Purifier’s Rite of the Ancestors or Spiritual Conflagration.

* No Permission to Die: Now has a 60 second cooldown and lasts for 10 seconds.

* All player debuffs have been assigned priorities within their stacking groups. Less powerful debuffs should no longer overwrite the more powerful ones within each category – the order below does not indicate overwrite priority.

– Druid: Trickster Spirit
– Riftstalker: Rift Disturbance
– Saboteur: Debilitating Trap
– Paladin: Pacifying Strike

– Archon: Waning Power
– Necromancer: Looming Demise

– Riftstalker: Rift Disturbance
– Saboteur: Debilitating Trap
– Paladin: Pacifying Strike

– Archon: Waning Power
– Necromancer: Looming Demise

– Marksman: Lightning Fury
– Ranger: Piercing Shot
– Saboteur: Splinter Charge
– Champion: Mark of Inevitability
– Warlord: Leader’s Mark
– Reaver: Ravaging Strike

– Archon: Illuminate
– Chloromancer: Wild Growth
– Bard: Coda of Jeopardy
– Warlord: Spotter’s Order

– Shaman: Vengeance of the Piercing Cold
– Archon: Ashen Defense
– Bard: Coda of Cowardice

– Inquisitor: Clinging Spirit
– Justicar: Censure
– Warlock: Neddra’s Torture
– Saboteur: Embers Charge

– Inquisitor: Spiritual Deficiency
– Archon: Crumbling Resistance
– Elementalist: Exposure
– Bard: Coda of Distress

– Cabalist: Nebulous Haze
– Archon: Lingering Dust
– Dominator: Accelerated Decay

– Sentinel: Luminous Gaze
– Assassin: Lethal Poison
– Champion: Mark of Extermination

– Ranger: Dire Wolf Howl
– Warlord: Battlefield Distraction
– Reaver: Blood Fever

– Dominator: Transference
– Druid: Slothful Spirit

– Archon: Pillaging Stone

* Rogue and Warrior: Weapon PA bonuses have been changed. Instead of increasing weapon DPS by 0.2 for every point spent in a weapon PA node, you will now gain 2 Attack Power per Planar Attunement point spent in Weapon PAs for each appropriate weapon equipped. The Warrior two-handed weapon mastery will give an additional 2 Attack Power per point invested (since only one of these weapons can be equipped). Attack Power bonuses are also applied to your pet.
* Warrior: War: Focused Strikes debuff is now removed when a player dies.
* Cleric: War: Mark of Purification: Functionality changed. Now, your single-target cleanses have a 5-25% chance to remove an additional Curse, Disease, or Poison effect.
* Cleric: War: Blessing of the Martyr: Functionality changed. Your attacks have a 15-30% chance to make enemy players vulnerable, increasing their damage taken by 1% for 10 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.
* Mage: War: Rift Tomb: Fixed an issue where Rift Tomb could be parried, dodged, or miss.
* Rogue: War: Expedited Wounds: Functionality changed. Reduces damage taken from Critical Hit attacks by 1-5%.


* Thwarting the Emberlord: Fixed an edge case that could cause this quest to not function properly.

* The Raid Rift tear in Fort Zarnost no longer blocks attackable objects for PvP Rifts.

* Updated quest flow and population around Howling Caves and Cloudborne Caverns.

* Divine Work, Divine Rewards: Increased the power of the Blade of Light reward to better match the other rewards from this quest.

* Belts are now included in set bonus groups for the PvP Armor sets.
* The Battle for Port Scion: Increased the health of Saerloth the Avenger, Executor Khazik, Ithluk the Maimed, Custodian Leyr, Blade Master Keelan, Veylara, and Vachii Odego by 50%.

* Death’s Approach, Scaldwater Fields, and Firesand Desert have been split into smaller adventure locations to better define adventure objective areas.

* All Expert and Master mode dungeons now drop Corrupted Souls from the final boss.
* All Standard-mode dungeons and Chronicles now drop Malformed Souls from the final boss.
* Gilded Prophecy: Fixed an issue with Rumbling Earth and Earthen Toil.

* Reduced the health of base population throughout most of the zone.
* Rune King Molinar: Increased casting time of both King and Prince’s versions of Consuming Essence. Reduced health of Incorporeal Revenant. Increased the damage reduction Mages receive against Prince Dollin’s Life Rend and Terminate Life abilities.
* Grugonim: Reduced Grugonim’s health. Increased duration of Bloodplague Essence. Reduced the maximum health reduction applied by Manifested Death.
* Inquisitor Garau: Reduced Garau’s health.

* All Planar Essences should now be able to be Salvaged or Runebroken appropriately.
* Harvestable mobs from levels 40-44 now grant Titanium when mined.
* Butchering: Bulk recipes have been added to Butchering Trainers for base materials. These new recipes will allow you to process 20 hide directly into 20 leather.
* Butchering skillups from creating leather have been normalized.
* Butchering: Skill requirements for Butchering mobs have been normalized to improve the overall rate and progression of skilling up Butchering.
* Foraging: Bulk recipes have been added to Foraging Trainers for base materials. These new recipes will allow you to process 20 raw wood directly into 20 pieces of lumber.
* Foraging skillups from creating lumber have been normalized.
* Foraging: Pristine Distillate now requires 260 Foraging skill to both learn the recipe and craft the item.
* Mining: Bulk recipes have been added to Mining Trainers for base materials. These new recipes will allow you to process 20 ore directly into 20 bars.
* Mining skillups from creating bars have been normalized.
* Apothecary: Glorified Healing Potion now requires 3 Twilight Bloom instead of 4 Basiliskweed Stems.
* Apothecary: Heroic Rootcatch Brew now requires Twilight Bloom instead of Basiliskweed Stems.
* Apothecary: Mighty Brightsurge Vials and Mighty Powersurge Vials now have comparable material requirements.
* Apothecary: Pure Adrenalite, Etherialite, Saintstone, Thiefstone, Valorstone, and Vitalium now require Eternal Planar Dust instead of Endless Planar Dust.
* Apothecary: Sheepish Concoction has its duration extended to 5 minutes. Recipe now requires Soulbind Leather instead of Reinforced Leather.
* Outfitter: Recipes for Witchweave Cowl, Witchweave Breeches, and Witchweave Bag have had their skill level requirements adjusted to match the skill required to create the item.
* Outfitter: Recipes for Steeled Leather Brigandine, Steeled Leather Boots, and Steeled Leather Leggings have had their skill level requirements adjusted to match the skill required to create the item.
* Outfitter: Conditioned Leather Jerkin recipe has been adjusted to require more Steeled Leather and less Cinerium Bars.
Outfitter: Recipes for Implacable Steel Gauntlets have had their material requirements adjusted to be in line with other similar recipes.
* Weaponsmith: Runeguard Blunderbuss now properly requires the Forge instead of a Workbench.
* Weaponsmith: Recipes for Lightsmasher, Malevolent Greataxe, and Spark Smiter have their material requirements adjusted to be in line with other similar recipes.

* Fixed the misspelling of Abyssal Signet.
* Artifact: Top DPS Build: Now has a shiny new icon!
* Ember Isle collectible books are now Bind On Pickup to match other collectible books in the game.
* Exalted Healing Tonic has its tooltip updated to reflect the actual amount healed.
* Philter of Power now has a stacking priority and should no longer be overwritten by a weaker buff.
* Lesser Glittering Windstone and Lesser Coruscating Windstone can now be equipped in the same Focus.
* Poisonous Coating: The poison damage will now only proc from ranged weapon attacks and not any ranged attack.
* Transplanar Synergy Crystals can now be equipped at level 42, to match the equipment levels of the first Transplanar set items.
* The 4-piece set bonus for Stalwart’s Battlegear now correctly deals Death-type damage.
* The 4-piece set bonus for Deathbringer’s Battlegear now correctly deals Air-type damage.

* /who results now include a player’s guild.
* Typing /a or /artifact in your inventory search bar (ctrl+f) now highlights all artifacts in your inventory.
* You can now use the command ‘/combatlog 1′ and ‘/combatlog 0′ to explicitly turn combat logging on or off (it previously would toggle the current setting).

* Adjusted the sound of steam vents in Ember Isle to use less computery resources when audible.

* The Planar Attunement window now remembers the last PA tree you were viewing if you re-log and open the window again.
* Planar Attunement tree buttons can now be dragged to the ability bar, and used to open specific trees.
* Targets that are immune to interrupts should now *always* show the gold cast bar when casting.
* The ‘Usable Only’ checkbox on the Auction House now filters crafting recipes that you’ve already learned.
* Canceling or creating an auction now preserves your scroll position on the Auctions window.
* Fixed a bug causing secondary hotbars to be cleared under some circumstances.
* The Achievement score displayed on the Guild Roster should now always match the total displayed on a character’s Achievements window.
* Optimized loading of Guild Banks and fixed them occasionally opening without a vault being displayed.
* Widened the ability mouseover and Soul Tree tooltips to get more room for text.

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  1. Are the new seals actually craft-ER only, or are they craft-ED only? I’ve never liked systems where you’re forced to max a craft for stat bonuses.

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