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PAX East 2012

Epic Slant Press LogoPAX East 2012 is less than 30 days away and I am more than a little excited! Epic Slant Press and Iniquity Guild will be there in force. I’ve also just been informed that our friends at over at Guild Launch will not only be attending but will also have a booth again this year! Stephen from Guild Launch has always been kind to me and has generously allowed my team to mooch some booth space again to do a book signing. We’re also going to participate in a few contests as well! If you’re going to be at PAX East please consider coming by the Guild Launch booth, hearing about their awesome guild hosting services, and meeting some really nice people. You just might win something awesome! You can also meet my team and I and perhaps purchase one of my books! I will have the hardcover edition of The Raider’s Companion for sale! You can learn to raid in style with a signed, limited edition that isn’t available anywhere else!

If you are planning to attend PAX East and would like to meet up with Epic Slant Press, Iniquity Guild, or Guild Launch, please let us know as soon as you can! It is going to be a busy show and I want to meet everyone! In 2011 I had the opportunity to meet and hang out with a ton of bloggers that I had previously only met online and it was a blast. I hope to do the same thing this year.

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2 Responses to PAX East 2012

  1. Stubborn says:

    I’ll be there, and I look forward to finally meeting you!

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