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Have you checked out Rift Lately?

Some of the things coming in Rift patch 1.8 are astounding. A new, large raid zone, some secondary trade skills, new recipes and all kinds of craziness. It is clear that we’re already coming up to another huge patch at break neck speed! Check out the video below. If you haven’t looked at Rift lately I highly recommend it.

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One Response to Have you checked out Rift Lately?

  1. Starseeker says:

    Man I wish I had a 20 man raid guild! lol…I would love for a 10 man that was bigger than 4 mobs.
    The only thin I can see with that raid zone that might be a down fall is it looks like there is a crap ton of trash…ugh…huge raid zones with too much trash = suckage for time sinks.

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