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The Editors are out

Disney WorldJust dropping in to leave a quick note for everyone! Thank you all again for the extremely successful launch of The Raider’s Companion! The initial feedback we’re getting is, thus far, universally positive. We have sent out some review copies (some are still available if you’re interested) and the Kickstarter paperback rewards! The hardcover is finally moving forwards and we’ll be sending those out in the near future (thank you for your patience everyone at this level).

The Epic Slant Press team has PAX East coming up soon, so we’re preparing for that too! If you’re going to be there and want to meet up send us a note as soon as you can. Our dance card is getting full!

With all of that said, this has been a long and stressful process! It is time for a little relaxing. So, for the time being, Ferrel and Aure are out! We’re heading to Florida, warm weather, and Disney World! Forgive us if we don’t respond to emails in our usual quick fashion but don’t hesitate to send them! We’ll put you down for a review copy, an interview, or anything along those lines!┬áTake care everyone and have a great Valentine’s Day if that is your thing.

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  1. Starseeker says:

    Have fun on your trip! you deserve a vacation!

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