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One dead dragon

Rift FerrelToday I must be a proud guild leader and boast on the successes of my guild. Last night Iniquity did battle with the bloated dragon that is Lord Greenscale and came out victorious! This kill was a long time in the making and we finally decided to drop everything else to ensure it happened. After a couple hours of testing the beast went down and all was right in the world. This leaves only two mobs left for us in tier one raiding and I’m pretty stoked about it. Congratulations to all of Iniquity and those in attendance. Thank you for your time, effort and devotion!

Greenscale down

With Lord Greenscale down we can focus our attention on our next target, the Herald in River of Souls. I don’t anticipate him being difficult. We just simply haven’t put any time into him yet. At our current rate I see us finishing out the tier right around 1.6! Keep up the good work guys!

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6 Responses to One dead dragon

  1. Paul says:

    Did you have the raiders get life resist sigils for this fight? We’ve found several fights where such resist sigils an be useful (Uruluuk I’m looking at you)

    • Ferrel says:

      Resist sigils make a huge difference in a lot of fights. You can really reduce the total damage done to a raid by using life resists on Prince Hylas.

      On Greenscale himself if the main tank gets to an extremely high level of life (about 200) than the damage becomes about trivial. Only during Noxious Breath do you worry. For the other members of the raid we don’t actually focus that heavily on life resist. We do use it for buffs and such but I actually run my death sigil because it offers the best statistics.

      • Paul says:

        We didn’t need esist sigils for Hylas. In fact,we one dhot him after we finally managed to down Infiltrator.

        Infiltrator,btw,is a fun fight once you know it. Very frustrating before that though. :)

      • Buuncha says:

        I have a sigil specifically for each resist. On Lord Greenscale my life resist is sitting at 249.

        • Paul says:

          Our tank did — damage mitigation is key for the tank in that fight — but few others did. It’s more a personal responsibility check, and getting the little details right (like, spawning the protective bubble from the big add in melee range of GS during the air phase.)