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About Us

Epic Slant Press LLC is a small publishing company based in North Carolina that currently focuses on books and games. Positivity is the driving force that guides each and every project that the company takes on. The team strongly believes that with a positive outlook anyone can achieve great things. Epic Slant Press LLC strives to support small and local businesses, aid fellow entrepreneurs, and donate a portion of all profits to charities and good causes.

Why Positivity?

Think of a time when you went back to a store or restaurant and an employee there remembered your name. That simple act probably gave you warm feelings (and might help retain your business!). How about a day when all of your customers were angry or just apathetic, and then you had that one customer that was cheerful and grateful for your help? Positive encounters like these make lasting impressions and it is our mission to better serve the community by creating as many of them as possible.

Announcing The Raider’s Companion

Ferrel in armorHey gang, I know I have been doing a little teasing as of late about my “new project” and/or “second book.” I promised some news soon and I’m here tonight to finally deliver. I’ve been hard at work putting together an exceptional new book called The Raider’s Companion. I took all of the lessons (and criticisms) from my first book to heart and really invested some time in improving in book design. This time I’m after a much broader audience with a deeper, richer set of content (wow that sounds awfully like developer speak). I’m proud to say that the manuscript is complete and we’re now in the proofreading, editing, designing, and art stage of the book. With any luck it will be available by Christmas but I can’t do it alone. I’m here not to just announce but to also ask for your help.

Publishing a book on your own is expensive. The Guild Leader’s Companion really cost a lot more than just time. It takes a lot to get a manuscript and turn it into a book. This time around I wanted to have a professional editor and interior book designer. I also wanted to include a lot more artwork. More importantly, I want to actually market the book beyond just this site and those that are kind enough to relay the message on their own. In short, I want to create a professional quality book this time. That is why I need your help.

To fund all of this insanity I’m using Kickstarter. If you’re not familiar with it, it allows individuals to bring their product up and show it to others. If it looks like it should be supported you can support it. Supporting means committing to pay the amount you agree to if the project is successful. If the project does not reach the set goal by the end date no money is exchanged. When you do commit to support you’re entitled to the rewards listed by the artist. In other words, it is like pre-purchasing items that are unique/different but related to the final goal. For my project I’m aiming for $4000 and have a lot of really neat gifts for those that support The Raider’s Companion.

A Few of the Gifts

For $10 we’ll send you a print of the cover artwork that Amanda is doing (you can view it in my Kickstarter video. Updates will come out there).

For $20 I’ll send you a signed copy of The Raider’s Companion once it releases.

For $50 I’ll upgrade your copy to a signed, limited edition hard cover.

The three people that donates $200 or more is in for a very special treat. Amanda will draw an ink image of any one character of your choice. That image will be included in the book and we’ll send you a signed, unique print!

I’m excited about the project and I really can’t get it done without your support! By support I don’t necessarily mean that I’m demanding for you to donate. If you can just pass the message (and the link) along to help spread the word, that would still contribute to the project and mean a lot to me!

Project Link: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/747300562/the-raiders-companion-a-how-to-for-raiding

A Note About Kickstarter

One of the things I feel like I did a poor job on is explaining how Kickstarter works. I realize the majority of the crowd that is going to support this project probably aren’t familiar with it. If the Massively.com comments were any indication most people have a very skewed image of how this works! Kickstarter is an “all or nothing” type of program. I set a goal and a timeline ($4000, 32 days). If I do not reach or exceed my goal by the end of the time line my project fails and I receive zero money. That is why it can be a really stressful thing as there is a psychology to it. People tend not to donate early on because they assume the project will fail. Once you cross 50% support goes up. When you hit 75% people assume you’ll succeed and start to push even harder. This can often mean projects go well beyond their goal.

A key element to understand is that until the project succeeds and passes the deadline a supporter will not be charged anything. Why do I bring that up? It is because as a guild leader I know people. I would say a good portion of us (me included) will say, “Oh yeah I’d like to do that. I’ll do it later though.” This is the reason why I have 1000+ collectors tokens from each Rift world event. I think “I’ll buy that later. I don’t want to spend now and find out it changed or something new was added.” The events end, the items move to a different merchant, and I never get around to it. I watch my guild members do similar things! What I’m getting at is this:  if you said “Oh yeah, I’ll do that,” please do it now! Whether you support on day one or day 30 you still won’t be charged until day 32. The difference is, if you support earlier it gives me a greater chance of success!

The final element of this is that you’re not really donating so much as supporting. A supporter is not like a stock holder. You don’t get a stake in the success of the book. What you get instead is unique and special items from the project. You get a signed copy of the book, bits of art, the chance to be immortal (in the pages of the book), and other things of that nature! I know I shouldn’t let forum-like posts get to me but I just didn’t feel great about being accused of taking money and giving nothing back. I just wanted to be sure everyone was aware of how this all works!

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