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Rift Joloral Ragetide Guide

Rift FerrelJoloral Ragetide is the second boss in Drowned Halls and is somewhat harder than Assault Commander Jorb. This is true only because his encounter has a lot of mechanics. Once you’ve separated out those mechanics into manageable pieces he is actually quite straight forward. There is more than one way to complete this encounter and the method you use largely depends on the strength of your tank and healers. I’m going to go with the simplest explanation and make a few comments on how you can amend this if your tank and healers can’t manage the increased damage.


Main Tank – The main tank will engage and hold Joloral Ragetide for the entire fight. There is literally nothing for the tank to do (in this version) outside of just keeping agro on the monster. In the alternate strategy the main tank will need to be able to move slowly around the room while still engaging Joloral. Being able to walk backwords is highly valuable in this situation.

Off Tank – The off tank will have the job of starting the encounter and tanking the crab people. Initially there will be a single crab that must be held away from Joloral. Throughout the fight additional crab people will spawn (one at a time). They must be pulled in and tanked by the off tank. In the alternate strategy the off tank needs to be able to slowly move the crab people around the room and use them as a lightning rod for the minions.


Puddle Power (Survival Instinct) – If Joloral Ragetide is allowed to remain in the puddle at the center of the room he will receive a large bonus to damage output (30% or so). The main tank should ensure that the boss is never near or in the puddle.

Crab affinity (Crippling Ally) – When Joloral Ragetide gets close to his large crab companion his damage increases significantly (30% or so). It is a good idea to have the off tank grab this crab and pull it to the opposite side of the room to keep them separate.

Lunch Time (Feeding Frenzy) – Periodically throughout the fight Joloral Ragetide will call out to the creatures of the sea. They will show up in the form of small crabs and work their way towards him (or the large crab add). When the small crabs reach a larger one they’re eaten. This both heals and increases the damage (5% per stack) of the monster they reach. Generally this can be over DPS’d and healed.

Stun – Joloral Ragetide likes to call out the names of characters throughout the fight. The targeted character will be stunned. Anyone else that is near that character is also stunned. The person who is called out should run away from the group but not towards the healers.

Joloral Ragetide Diagram


1. The off tank will engage the encounter by attacking the crab and moving off to the right of the room. The main tank will then pull Joloral Ragetide off of the off tank and take it to the left. This is a very healing intensive time since most of the damage increase mechanics will be in effect. The healers will need to move quickly into position, (Ferrel on the drawing), and be ready to address spike damage during that move.

2. DPS players should fold in behind Joloral. If they see their name called out they should leave the group for the puddle in the middle to avoid stunning anyone else. In this simplified version of the strategy that is about the extent of their role.

3. During the fight Joloral will summon sea creatures to eat. They will slowly make their way to him. Healers should be ready to take care of a damage spike on the main tank and DPS players must be able to burn through the heal.

4. Occasionally a second crab person will spawn. The off tank needs to grab it immediately and pull it out of the puddle. The DPS will then switch to the original crab person (who likely has buffs from sea creatures) and kill it. This leaves the off tank holding the new mob. Repeat as many times as necessary.

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3 Responses to Rift Joloral Ragetide Guide

  1. Starseeker says:

    Almost the same strat as we use except we don’t have the named eat two sets of adds to reduce damage on the MT.

    I’m the OT in this encounter, the way we set up, is the MT goes right (the right side is where the last set of sea creature adds spawns), the OT goes left, and when we are ready the OT pulls the fish add. The MT pulls the named, so basically the OT is standing in between the adds that spawn at the base of the stairs and the adds that spawn on the left side of the room (about where your 3 dots are on your diagram closest to the stairs). The tank sets up near the adds that spawn on the right side of the room (near the point opposite of where you have him. The MT stays in place, and DPS burns the named. As he calls ceatures from the sea, since they spawn in a pattern, I move the big fish add to the base of the stairs for the first spawn, he eats the adds. Then I move him to the left far side (where you have the MT stand) and have him eat those adds, then I move back to my spot in between. It does give a damage boost to the big fish add but it hits like a wet noodle. (I use a utility warlord spec for OTing this to give DPS /healing boosts)

    This leaves only 3 little adds from the last spawn to agro on the named, and they are the last to spawn, so I just warn the healers that spawn is incoming once my critter is done eating all the others.

    The healers and dps stand in the center of the room in the pool, and move towards the stairs for the stun.
    I pick up any additional big fish adds, I have a high dps rogue switch off if damage starts to get rough and help me burn down one of the adds, the last time we did him though I had 4 big fish adds on me, and I didn’t have any problems staying up (we run 2 clerics and a chloro). I would still run all 4 to the small add spawn points when he calls them. This way max dps is always on the named.

    Good write up though, I never seen the point in kiting the little adds unless your MT can’t handle it.

  2. Naialyla says:

    I noticed you said when someone’s name is called out and their about to be stunned, they should leave the group. However, when someone’s name is called out and they are stunned, they cannot move. At that point, anyone that is next to the aforementioned name should proceed to move away.

    My preferred place to move is in between the 2 bosses, rather than in front of the MT. Regardless, any place you move to, you have to be wary if the 2 tanks are moving or not. If they are, you’ll have to move with them.