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Rift Purifier Sentinel Balanced Guide

Ferrel  HealsRift offers many healing options that work pretty well depending on your play-style and what you’re trying to accomplish. When it comes to solo healing tier two instances I find that the purifier sentinel build works quite well. It also makes for a well rounded build when you’re filling in as the third or forth raid healer. For those who may be new to Rift healing I’ve put together this brief purifier sentinel guide on what I’ve selected and why.

Statistics Consideration

My major focus in this build is spell power. I want to increase it as much as possible and that means seeking out wisdom and raw spell power anywhere I can. This results in critical chance lagging behind but as the character progresses through the gear curve it will be increased eventually. I also avoid focus completely. Ferrel can’t hit the broad side of a dragon but that really isn’t the goal here. This build exists to heal others.

The Purifier Guide

Purifer Soul TreeThe purifier soul is the major component in the balanced build and really dictates what will ultimately be chosen. On the first tier I fully populated both Spirit Guidance for the 5% wisdom and Flame Speaker for the 5% critical heal chance. These two abilities address the two major goals of increasing spell power and healing well. I never go anywhere without them! On the other side of that coin, I spend zero points on tier two. It can be argued that Protection of the Ancestors is worthwhile. I didn’t go that route but could easily see putting four points into it.

On the third tier I maxed out Enflamed Rejuvenation. This gives all single target heal spells a 10% chance to increase the heal amount of the next single target heal by 30%. This is a solid ability that triggers quite often. It also helps to max out your heals.

The forth tier brings us to the ability that really makes this (and most) purifier build: Ancestral Flame. Ancestral Flame adds a shield to Restorative Flame that absorbs damage equal to 60% of the purifier’s spell power. This is one of the places the purifier really shines. By using the largest heal in our arsenal we also shield our tank. Since this is an absorb ability it never goes to waste or over-heal. The larger the spell power the larger the absorption and as any healer will tell you, never taking the damage is better than being healed.

My fifth tier is the one where the most options comes in. I chose to go with four points in Life’s Blessing because I am a big fan of Fiery Blessing. I also put a point into Latent Blaze but I could take or leave that. You could skip either or both of these and go full points into Protection of the Ancestors on tier two. It is really a matter of where you see the most benefit.

Intense Flames received a full set of points and increases the healing of your direct spells by 5%. I also grabbed Fiery Blessing to increase my critical heal chance and Blessing of the Flame to help conserve mana. The chance isn’t high but I generally find this ability useful.

My final point went into Surging Flames which I feel is about the greatest ability you can get. This buff gives you all sorts of sneaky ways to heal the heck out of your group while doing what you do normally. I use it constantly and really can’t say enough good things about it.

The Sentinel Guide

Sentinel Soul TreeThe perfect partner for this purifier build is the sentinel. It helps bring up the spell power, critical healing, and adds a ton of utility. The first tier offers a solid choice in both Watchful Gaze, which increases spell power by 5% when maxed, and Benediction which increases healing by 5%!

Walk in the Light in the second tier is an exceptional use of points. It adds a 20% bonus to both the critical hit and healing bonus. Light Concentration reduces the cost of healing spells by 10%. This will help keep your cleric in the battle longer!

The third tier offers a lot of choice based on personal preference. To get to the 32 point mark some points will need to be spent here. I put mine into Light Efficiency to increase the power of my group healing. Embolden is just as valid and will increase the range of your group heals. It really comes down to preference!

On the forth tier I always grab Protect the Flock. This is a stellar ability that causes anyone you group heal to take 5% less damage. With certain combinations you can almost always have this running and reduce the total damage taken by your group. It really is worth the two points in my eyes. I’m also a fan of Enraptured Breath. This turns Healing Breath into a minor group heal without adding any cost. It helps to hit that emergency and catch a few extra people as well.

Empowering Light on the fifth tier is, without a doubt, the one ability that you must buy regardless of your build. It is a group cure that hits up to ten people. It is simply too useful to pass up and makes a world of difference in some dungeons and most raids.

I round out the rest of the sentinel tree with Serendipity on the sixth tree and Healer’s Haste as my final ability. Serendipity works really well when you start to build up your critical hit chance. Each time you manage to critically heal the next spell will cast 1.5 seconds faster. Healer’s Haste is a more controlled way to reduce your cast times. It is great for those emergency situations where your tank needs heals now! The biggest gain here is that you’ll be at 32 points in sentinel. That unlocks Life’s Return, an in combat resurrection spell. Don’t leave home without it!


I use templar as my third tree because I think Break Free is extremely useful. It works on a lot of PvE encounters and will completely save your hind end. I get more out of it than using Warden as my third, especially since it is a zero point ability.

The Build

Balanced Purifier Sentinel Build

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2 Responses to Rift Purifier Sentinel Balanced Guide

  1. Interesting info.

    Surging Flames was the point at which my zone invasion healing build became the most fun in my role list. I’m probably worse about just spamming heals on the guy with the aggro from the boss and letting the overheals deal with the group than I should be, but it usually works. (This may or may not be why I find that I have to build either 12 Inq or 8 Cab for mana regen attacks so I can keep my mana going in those 10 minute zone boss beatdowns.)

    I’m curious about why you pass on Caregiver’s Blessing. Do you not like the mana cost? Not want to spend the extra points on extra charges (which you can skip)? If memory serves, it doesn’t share a cooldown with Firey Blessing (just not both up at once), you’re spending points on the cooldown reducer anyway, it seems to be a significant enough part of the class that it gets a call-out in the 36 point passive, and when is preventing damage to the tank a bad thing?

    Overall, I think I’m building towards something that’s vaguely shaped like:
    44 Purifier/8 Cabalist/14 Sentinel
    Rite of the Ancestors, Touch the Light and filler points boost universally useful things like spell power or all heals
    42 Purifier/12 Inquisitor/12 Warden
    No Rite of the Ancestors and the off-tree passives are less useful (e.g. instant heals, hots, or even damage). In exchange, I get two Inq armor buffs, a fear ward, tidal surge, and a self snare removal/immunity.

    I slightly prefer the Inq/Warden version because Aggressive Renewal has a shorter cooldown than Sigil of Power (though that can hit a ton of targets in a good zone invasion) and because HOT overheals may be useful later, while overheals from Sentinel AOE healing are immediately wasted. Again, I use this primarily for zone invasions, perhaps it won’t work well in groups.