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Healing in Rift

FerrelNow that I’ve finished my leveling process in Rift it is time to focus less on my DPS and more on my healing. I mentioned on the Rift Watcher podcast that any team player will be able to fill any role when necessary for success so I had best have the roles available! I’ve been flirting with healing a while now and I’m having trouble making all of the pieces fit. The heal souls in Rift just don’t seem to be doing it for me and I basically try a new build every day. I wonder if you guys happen to have any advice?


It might not be fair to say but I think you have to take sentinel to 32 points. If you don’t you simply won’t have an in-combat resurrection spell and I’m not sure that is something I’d ever want to be without. At the same time the sentinel suffers from having slightly slower cast direct target spells when compared to the purifier over all. On the plus side you have a far easier time healing a group than a purifier might. In general I just can’t see not utilizing a sentinel into the 32 point range. The abilities in the tree seem very solid and healer focused.


I like the idea of the purifier in principle. This seems like it is suppose to be the large direct healing soul but the tree is a train wreck. When I look at the purifier I see a lot of potential and a lot of soul abilities I don’t want to spend points in. That is not to say that they aren’t effective. Due to the fact that I feel the direct heals are a bit better than the sentinel’s I’ve been working a lot of builds around the purifier soul. They come out decently well but I always feel like something is missing. I like the fact that you get what is essentially a ward but I think the blessings need to be looked at again. They just aren’t super compelling.


The warden seems like a great back up healer soul. I’ve tried it out as my primary a few times now and I always find it lacking when it comes to keeping the main tank alive. It just doesn’t seem to do what I want and requires the cleric to spend a lot of time focusing on getting all of their HoTs on a target so they can then deluge. I’ve never been a heal over time sort of cleric so there is no wonder that this doesn’t fit. That said, it does seem to be a great secondary to either the sentinel or purifier. I’ve found that mixing those two leads to too much wasted overlap. The warden fills in when you want to get some efficiency.

I’m really wondering what everyone else out there is doing. I’m keeping the tank up but I just don’t like how the builds I’ve been using feel. Here is the current flavor of the week! All opinions and thoughts are welcome and I’m not married to this at all. My biggest concern is keeping the main tank alive. If I can keep the group up too that is fine but I can always leave that the the bards!

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2 Responses to Healing in Rift

  1. Stabs says:

    For tank healing Purifiers are second to none. In EQ2 terms we’re the Shamans, putting Wards on tanks.

    Neither ACT nor RJ parsers show shield effectiveness so our numbers always suck but the results measured in tanks not dying are quite the opposite.

    I joined a group this morning. They had been wiping on the last boss in DSM for some time (the hardest expert). We got it on the third time, with several comments about how much better the healing was. My gear is about the minimum for T2, it’s highly likely that whoever I replaced was better geared.

    We pay a price – we’re the worse solo healers of the main cleric healing Souls. Unless people happen to be within 15m of the tank we have to manually heal anyone in trouble, risking the tank in the process. But then again hardly anyone takes just one healer to Experts.

  2. Starseeker says:

    I’m not a healer but I have discussed alot with my healer friends. I guess, what I look at is that in a T1, t2 or raid you are not going to be healing alone. You are either going to have a bard or cholormancer there helping you (or another healer). More than likely a chloro.

    There are a few things in the sentinel tree that have saved our butts in elite dungeons so far:
    Empowering Light: 5th row in the top sentinel tree, can cure 10 people within 15 meters…very big in fights where the whole group gets snared (see Iron Tombs).
    Wards/emergency heals: for mobs that just plain hit hard, the tank starts going down, this is where the purifier shines, is getting the tank back up quickly. Hots just don’t cut it.

    As for incombat rez. Most of the time our chloromancer (I haven’t done an elite dungeon without one since we have 3 in my guild) will pick up the incombat rezes since theirs is cheeper (less points) and that way it doesn’t tank the MT healer off the MT. The only time the healer will do an in combat rez is if the chloro goes down…and really it’s touchy since the tank is getting their face punched in while the healer is rezing.

    However, I kinda threw this together (remember I’m not a healer, but I have ran some groups)

    This basically gives you all the emergencies/wards of the purifier, the group cure and incombat rez of the sentinel as well as most of their heals, a bunch of instant smaller heals, some cool down abilities for increasing your cast time and reducing cast times of your heals, the sentinel can play off the purifier with spell power increase from watchful gaze in the sentinel tree, which will improve ancestral flame in the purifier tree.

    It also puts 2 points in warden so you get a small and a larger HOT to fill the gaps. But I’m no expert, just trying to help :D