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BlizzCon Ticket price goes up

WoW IconlI’m not sure whether or not to be sad on this one. As someone who frequents several conventions a year it blows me away when I see some of the prices for tickets to these things! BlizzCon 2011 is going to be raising ticket prices again! If you’d like to go you now have to shell out $175 and, as Ben mentions in that article, they’ll pretty much sell out. In comparison I purchased my PAX East tickets for $40. That convention is really more for gamers and it shows. They’re not trying to make a fortune. Would I pay $175 to go? I suppose if I was really into WoW but it seems like a lot. What about you guys? Is $175 a good value proposition?

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6 Responses to BlizzCon Ticket price goes up

  1. Tipa says:

    As pointed out elsewhere, Blizzard should be charging even more. They will sell out in seconds no matter how much it costs, like San Diego Comic Con, so they might as well charge as much as they like. Hey, free money. It should be $500.

  2. stargrace says:

    SOE’s Fan Faire charges $129-139 (depending on if you get it at the door or just get all access) and lets face it, it’s not the monster that BlizzCon is. I don’t think $175 is that unreasonable a charge, of course I am not going but if I’m willing to spend $100-$200 on seeing a Broadway show, or a hockey game, why wouldn’t I for something like a gaming convention that I felt as much (if not more, for some people) passion about. It’s just another (although different) form of entertainment.

    • Ferrel says:

      I can agree that the charge probably isn’t unreasonable for the scope of the convention. I would argue that I’m not sure I got the value out of my platinum pass at Fan Faire last year though! Maybe I’m looking at the wrong company ^_~

  3. Mhorgrim says:

    If you consider the 175 bucks, plus air tickets and hotel stays and food, not to mention IF you wanted to buy trinkets along the way your are running almost $1000 for the trip. I think it boils down to how devoted are you? Perosnally, I love the game but not so much as to subject myself to the prices they ask for. San Diego and Anaheim are notoriously expensive places to hold conventions. Bot are after all tourist based industries. I can understand cost and profit, but for me personally, I’ll just stick with catching the reviews afterward. The game is awesome, but I ain’t gonna sink my personal savings into it.

  4. Tobold says:

    They heard you, Tipa. Blizzard is in fact offering premium Blizzcon tickets for $500, which include some charity and a dinner with the developers. Those will need 5 minutes longer to sell out.

  5. If I were getting a free (non-resellable) trip to the con of my choice this year, I wouldn’t take Blizzcon.

    You’ll know 75% of the actual news (there will probably be some this year, unlike last year) within minutes courtesy of free liveblogs, assuming it doesn’t leak the week before, and the rest will be posted on the news sites by Monday, so it’s not worth going for the news. You might get to play a demo, but I don’t think it’s worth a thousand bucks to fly across the country to stand in line for the chance at 15 minutes in front of a kiosk. It would be nice to have the chance to hang out with friends from your server, but that won’t happen because that majority of them won’t be able to get tickets because the thing is sold out.

    More power to anyone who feels that they will personally get enough value out of that deal to enjoy it, but I don’t get the point either.