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Discuss: Bringing back twinking

Treasure ChestIt has been some time since I’ve thrown out one of my incendiary articles and I’m just in the mood to make an attempt at getting some discussion going. I’m going to do it a little differently this time. Instead of making all of the arguments I’m just going to throw out some points and see what a few people say in response! That could be fun or I could get no comments and be terribly embarrassed! In either event you guys should all have some fun. For this particular topic I thought I would choose something that historically got people’s blood boiling! I’m of course talking about twinking (the title sort of gave it away). For those of you who aren’t in the know twinking simply means giving something over powered to a lower level character so they can destroy appropriate level content!

Point A – Twinking is no longer harmful in any way to an MMORPG play experience. The only reason items have level locks is because most designers “grew up” hearing Brad McQuaid saying that “Twinking was bad” and believe it because that is the way things have always been done.

Point B – Twinking actually increases re-playability in MMORPGs since it lets a player feel like they are “getting one over” on the game. It increases the chances of a second character becoming a lasting character!

Point C – Item level limits exist to slow progression in a false way to increase the amount of time a player would have to spend to reach max level.

Point D – Clerics Wear Plate (CWP)

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4 Responses to Discuss: Bringing back twinking

  1. I don’t have a problem with this post. I did invest a fair chunk of time farming up twink gear in WoW that I now decline to use because the game is already too easy, but that’s the game’s fault for prioritizing getting players into the max level dungeon grind ASAP over having WoW tourism be fun for WoW tourists.

  2. Scopique says:

    Meh :D

    Is this really “a problem” these days? I’d say sure, back in EQ when these things weren’t designed to be soloable, but the obvious solution was to group up. Now, if you want to crush level appropriate content, you group.

    So I submit to you: grouping is the new twink ; )

  3. Stabs says:

    Question: if I’m playing with someone so twinked they one-shot mobs that would take me 20 hits to kill what is there for me to do?

    I could solo but that would seem banal and slow.

    I could group but I’m useless, may as well /follow and read a book.

    And when I get to max level without knowing what any of my skills do will you shout at me if the only thing I bring to your raid is the ability to /follow and read a book?

    • Ferrel says:

      I really think that is a choice on your part. You’re choosing to play with someone that is twinked. They certainly can’t force you to and if by doing so you end up being unskilled at your class that is a consequence. I pose a counter point though. If you’re able to group with someone who is twinked to the extent you’re suggesting that means you’re probably associated. I imagine in that case they could twink you too if they’re willing to let you just auto follow!