PAX East 2011 in review

AnzelThis year I attended my first PAX and I have to say that in comparison to the other conventions I regularly hit it felt far larger and friendlier! PAX focuses more on the gamer and it really showed. There were tens of thousands of screaming fans and yet everyone still had time to talk to you. It was a whole lot of fun and turned out to be extremely successful for me when it comes to promoting the book! Shamelessly promoting was not all I did at the show, however! I also managed to meet some people, see a few things and I thought I’d talk about them.

The People

I was extremely excited about going to PAX East because I knew other bloggers would be there (pre-apologies for everyone I miss). Some of them I’ve known for a long time but have never met in person. I was finally able to meet Syp from Biobreak in an emotional, heartfelt way! Our meeting was fraught with disaster and a few false starts but eventually the magic happened. Jeremy from Vagary attended as well! We’ve talked before, shared a tweet or two, but finally came face to face. It was awesome! Both of these gentlemen are proper villains and great guys to hang out with. If you check out the GLC’s Facebook page there is a picture of each (I happen to be in them too)!

Karen was in attendance as well and every time she and I hang out it just reminds me how awesome she is. I love working with her on A View from the Top and our other projects. I had the opportunity to spend half a day with her and we had a pretty great time! I’ll be looking forward to seeing her and her guild mates at Fan Faire this year.

Ryan and the Vagary crew had a great showing! I met them all briefly and they were great folks. I’m certainly glad to be a part of their network.

Scott Hartsman actually remembered me and we had the opportunity to catch up. We met years ago at the Atlanta Fan Faire and the Vegas one. I often get the two confused because I was pretty much sauced the entire time on each occasion. At any rate it was good to see him.

Stephen and the Guild Launch crew did a great job showing off their product at PAX! I run into them at pretty much all of the conventions. They’re great folks who’re more than willing to sit down and talk to you. I truly do recommend their product.

The Events

A lot of information has come out about the various events at PAX East. There was a Bioware booth showing off The Old Republic. Curt showed up to promote 38’s single player game. There were plenty of video games to be played! I’d like to go into great detail about them all but, to be honest, the lines were so long I said “meh” and did my own thing. I played only one game at PAX East: Risk Factions. I highly recommend it!

Outside of video games there was a stellar table top area. It was there that my friends suckered me into playing Magic the Gathering again. I thought I’d get out of the convention without buying any cards but failed miserably. They’re like meth! I always need more. We also played some 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons. It plays surprisingly like an MMORPG. That was interesting to say the least! I’ll have to look into it I suppose.

Shameless Self Promotion

The Epic Slant Press crew did a great job of marketing! We had polos, cards and mock-ups of the book to show. People were curious and I felt like we gave out a lot of stuff. More importantly we grabbed a good bit of attention and created some solid buzz. I’m really trying my best to ensure this thing doesn’t release and then flop. My ego may not survive that! At any rate it was good to be promoting the book instead of just talking about it while I work on it. I’ve approved the final release version and it should be available for purchase any day now. When it is I’ll let everyone know. For now you can check out the Facebook page (on the right there) or visit the product page on Epic Slant!

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