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PAX East

Ferrel IconToday is an exciting milestone! I received my PAX East ticket in the mail! The day is nearly upon me! I shall journey to the land of Jaego (Boston) to visit friends, guild mates, bloggers and thousands of fellow nerds. I hope they are all as kind as me and believe in the daily bathing and deodorant. Hygiene is extremely important folks! I’m not just excited about the ticket! I’ve got some other news that might just make the trip all the more sweet!

PAX East 2011 TicketIf you haven’t heard I am going to be meeting Syp in person! He is hosting a blogger breakfast at 8 am on a Saturday. Personally I think that is insane but baring an ARI (Alcohol Related Incident) on Friday night I should attend. I believe Jeremy shall be there too! That is another fine fellow I should like to know in person.

The other exciting treat for this is that I may actually have physical copies of my book in hand to give away! It isn’t a sure thing. I can’t make a promise. It probably won’t even be available for purchase in stores by then but I might be able to take a suitcase full to give you guys! That is a big deal for me. Having the thing physically in hand makes it real. Seeing it in a store would be mind blowing! Everyone hope very hard that I can make this happen. Otherwise folks will have to wait until Fan Faire to get free copies.

If you want to say hello to me at PAX feel free! I’ll be there each day wearing a blue shirt of some fashion. Some of them even say Ferrel on the sleeve! Don’t be shy! Like every con I attend I shall have a posse but they’re only to keep away the violent folks!

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4 Responses to PAX East

  1. Stubborn says:

    I won’t be able to go this year, unfortunately, due to moving, a wedding, and a graduation taking up any spare money my wife and I have, but I went last year, and it was FREAKING AMAZING (note: I use caps very sparingly, so allow that to have a large impact). We saw the keynote speech, the Q&A, and were in a special panel where a movie had failed to show up, so Mike came out in front of a small audience of people who were willing to watch a D&D documentary until about 2 a.m. (there were maybe 30 of us) and talked about his D&D game and answered questions. The moment was immortalized in a comic, and I’m proud to say it was my friend who asked him the question that spawned the comic (http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2010/3/29/). My wife went to the panel the next day on making a comic and saw him pen it. FREAKING AMAZING.

  2. Buuncha says:

    I also am afraid of the violet folks, though the maroon ones are even scarier!

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