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EQ2 Extended Traveling Trivia Contest

EQ2 LogoI may be leaving for Germany but that doesn’t mean you have to be sad! In fact, thanks to the wonderful folks at SOE, I’m going to be making the time we spend apart a little more lucrative for you! Yes, that means another contest! What is at stake this go around? A couple of Gold Memberships to EverQuest II Extended (30 days game time)! You can try the game out, enjoy all the goodness it contains and maybe even make it your permanent home. You certainly won’t regret it and if it is a great fit maybe you could try out EverQuest II Live! We’d be happy to see you there. At any rate lets get on to rules!

The Rules

Participants in the EQ2 Extended Traveling Trivia Contest must send an email to contests(at)epicslant(dot)com with the answers to the questions contained in this post. Everyone who answers ten of the questions correctly will be put into a basket for the random draw! On Friday, October 29th the winners will be randomly selected during the recording of either The Multiverse or a View from the Top!

The Questions

1. Who was/is Lord Nagafen’s “draco-lover?”

2. Who is the Goddess of Love?

3. What tree city is responsible for more newbie deaths than any other starting area?

4. Which of Norrath’s moons exploded (imagine a Death Star CG ring here) between EverQuest and EverQuest II?

5. Name four classes that were in EverQuest that appear in EverQuest II with the exact same name.

6. What class is Lucan D’Lere?

7. What dragon appears as a raid mob three different times in EverQuest II?

8. What dedicated, hard working, city attacking, blue gnoll eventually became a raid mob in EverQuest?

9. Name an EQ1 or EQ2 holy sword.

10. Who is the Queen of Qeynos?

11. Who is the Goddess of Nature? (Ferrel both worshiped and killed her (Repeatedly (Sue me, her loot was good)))!

12. What is the full title for EverQuest II’s up coming expansion?

13. Name one of the places you could go in EverQuest to fight Cazic Thule!

14. Given the many possibilties, which race should SOE add to EQ2 or EQ3 above all others? This data will be forwarded to SOE (unless you get it wrong (Yes, there is a right answer (No, not your opinion!)))!

15. What do halflings love more than anything in the world?

Hard mode questions (These count double)

16. Why were Lord Nagafen and Lady Vox punished?

17. How would someone wake the sleeper?

18. What is “The Harness?” It was wielded by both Tarinax and Darathar.

19. What EQ2 monster race was created by Erollisi but fell into E’Ci’s favor because of their vanity?

20. What was the name of the invisible goblin in Nagafen’s lair?

Special Thanks

Thank you to Amnerys and SOE for making this contest possible.

I also want to thank Aurelis for helping me with the questions!

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