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Dreaming of EverQuest Next Part II

EQ2 Billy DollI simply couldn’t fit everything I wanted to say about my EverQuest Next desires in one post without going on forever so I decided I need a part two. You’re welcome to check out the first bit over here or just read on. I’ve hit the major things I wanted in that article but there was still more to go. These are things that would be really nice to see as well but might not be major issues within an MMORPG.

Separate Play Paths

EverQuest is a group focused property. The MMORPG industry is working very heavily on the solo game now and I think that would be a huge mistake for EverQuest Next. SOE should focus on the group and raid game as an entirely separate path for advancement. Players should be able to level from start to finish efficiently by grouping, period. The solo path will obviously need to exist but it shouldn’t be the primary or most successful way to level. At every point players should be encouraged to group together and learn class synergies. They will be able to easily move into the raid game.

The raid game should return to the EverQuest style as well. I should never, ever, replace the last expansions raid items with anything I would ever get soloing in the next expansion. Raiders blow through that content anyway. Group areas can have some upgrades but generally let players follow their play style expansion to expansion. Groupers should go from expansion one group dungeons right to expansion two’s without collecting solo gear. Raiders can do the same for the raids! Don’t force me to solo. I’m not interested.

Monster Experience

I’m not going to go into this much other than to say: Make killing monsters an equally effective leveling strategy as questing. I don’t want to do chores for NPCs. Every time I have to run back and forth to the same idiotic, sadistic, pissant of an NPC I die a little inside. I want to go to a dungeon and kill things without feeling like I’m being inefficient. There is not now nor will there ever be a logical reason for monster kills to be worth less than chores.

We need the named mobs

EverQuest was the master of named mobs with memorable loot. EverQuest II does a decent job of this but the loot tables are too large and the named mobs in contested areas usually drop items that are inferior to the ones you find in instances. There are a ton of ways to alleviate some of the drama that named mobs created in EverQuest. Use some of them and return this cherished part of the game back to us.

Tangible tie in with EQ1 or EQ2

I would love to see some sort of tangible tie in with EQ1 and/or EQ2 depending on what the player played before. You should be able to pull at least a general shadow of your character over. It would be great to have my named reserved for me and for the game to at least know I’m a female high elf. I don’t have to be any stronger but if somehow, something in EQ1 and EQ2 was apparent in EQ Next that would be awesome!

Playable gnolls

Seriously, why aren’t gnolls playable by now? They were there at the launch of EverQuest! They have been attacking Qeynos since the dawn of time. They’ve been good guys, bad guys and neutral guys. We have some really silly races in game now that are playable but no gnolls. We have cats, rats, lizards and faeries. We lack a dog race! More importantly, a classic EQ race! I want to be a follower of Fippy! Make that happen!

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4 Responses to Dreaming of EverQuest Next Part II

  1. Buuncha says:

    Gnolls are for killin’ sir.

  2. Qhue says:

    kill all you want but please eat all that you kill…
    (bleh messed up on my name, who is hue anyways… maybe my long lost relative once remove or eatin by an ogre – who knows…)

  3. goblindor says:

    I would like to see named monsters that actually can own players (or small groups if they aren’t careful). I want the sense of fear and danger when I play, not the “whooo hooo look at the camps I can just ride and or run through with no consequences”. I like KOS factions. I like battle grounds and dungeon queues as well (WOW stuff). DAOC was the BEST game I have ever played because of the RVR…how about RVR in EQ Next?

  4. Glug says:

    Make the game hard again. When was the lat time you played an MMORPG and after accomplishing something, stood up with arms raised in triumph? I did that all the time in everquest after a particularly long/hard quest line, raid or camped loot. I remember the first time the Ancient Cyclops popped and I got my ring for my boots. I still remember that rush and excitement. Haven’t came close to it yet.
    Make the dungeons long and toughg but full of good loot. Make that loot unique. Make those named mobs fun to camp. I want to hear room checks again when I am in a dungeon. I want to feel scared again that I might die in the game.