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A PvP/RvR MMORPG Player’s Life-cycle

AnzelLife as a PvP/RvR player has been rough lately. For a while they were on a high. They’d convinced the world that their play style was the dominant one in the market and that every MMORPG had to go that way to succeed. Unfortunately not a single RvR/PvP focused MMORPG turned out to be any more successful than the average PvE game. They were all just as niche or worse. People send me emails all the time and asks, “Ferrel, why is that true?” I had to make a flow chart to explain it!

PvP Life-cycle Chart

Special thanks to Dr. Classy for helping me develop this.

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9 Responses to A PvP/RvR MMORPG Player’s Life-cycle

  1. Hunter says:

    one of the better ones you’ve done so far.

  2. Drew says:

    Uh oh, I sense the Darkfall posters coming.

    Better hope Syncaine doesn’t see this. :D

  3. RPG TITLES says:

    That was great lol. One of the best I have seen.

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  5. Chris says:

    Syp’s highlight reminded me I mean to post on this. It’s definitely my favorite so far. Nice job :-)

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  7. Very well done. Best of it it’s all true

  8. Durall says:

    what’s Pwn?

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