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Iniquity, rolling thunder

Ratonga Shadow KnightIt is hard to believe that I will have been back in EverQuest II for a year in a matter of weeks. When we returned we had very small goals and whole lot of hope. I think it is fair to say that a lot of guilds that started out with less than ten people would not be able to achieve raid success. Being so small also puts you into an incredibly difficult recruitment posture. You have virtually nothing to offer prospective recruits. There are perils at every turn and one wrong step could destroy you. Iniquity has not perished. In fact we have flourished in the face of adversity and I am so proud to talk about that.

Over the last two weeks we have attracted some extremely talented players. More importantly, however, they’re the type of people you’d actually want to play with! They fit well into the team and the personalities have meshed (meaning they can put up with us). Everyone gets along and seems to be on the same page with what we want to do. Beyond the players we found prior to Fan Faire we’ve added some after as well. They’ll need a bit of level work but they’re high quality and I’m quite pleased to have them. It is fair to say that our 12 man raid guild has surpassed 18 man and will soon be 24. We are still looking for a primary dirge and mystic. Now is a great time to apply. Once we hit about 26 we’ll close the doors.

Due to our size we were limited on targets for quite some time. We were able to defeat roughly five targets twice a week. Through our constant gear improvement and the addition of bodies we have extended our targets quite rapidly. We are now churning deeper into labs and palace. We’re also quite near closing out Tox’s mound completely. Completing tier one armor sets will be well within our reach quite soon and that thrills me. As we bring our new members up to speed we extend our reach more and more.

The greatest part of this is that we’re having fun. We make our raid nights even if we’re missing a key player or two. We’re enjoying the company of our friends, making new ones, and progressing. This is the key difference between when we retired and now. Back then I’m not sure anyone was having fun even though we were doing an exceptional job of winning our server. The same cannot be said. Everyone is enjoying themselves and that is what is most important. I am truly proud of what the guild has accomplished in a single year. We’re back, we’re strong and we’re having fun. You can’t really ask for anything more than that.

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2 Responses to Iniquity, rolling thunder

  1. Krugge says:

    I only wish that it would be much easier for a player to locate a guild such as yours in any MMO. Though I haven’t played EQ2 in sometime, the universality of guild types remains the same in any MMO, but the amount of effort to find the right guild for a player seems to on the rise. I am glad to hear of Iniquity’s continued success.

    • Ferrel says:

      There is a big disconnect between players matching to appropriate guilds. That is actually something we struggled with. People simply didn’t know we were back and out there. You also have the issue that we are very serious raiders but only raid twice a week. That can mess people up. Word of mouth is what really did it for us. We would occasionally take a pug player or sell some loot and people would see us succeeding with only a few bodies. That snowballed in time.

      I’ve kicked around the idea of a guild placement website in the past. I might have to revisit it.