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EverQuest Next

Ferrel AngelSince Fan Faire 2010 there has been a lot of buzz regarding SOE’s EverQuest Next. Everyone wants to speculate on what the game may be and how it is going to change the MMORPG market. I have high hopes for the title and was quite thrilled to see the method by which SOE handled it during the faire. The panels devoted to it were not as much information sharing as they were information gathering. SOE was interested in knowing what we wanted out of our next EverQuest title. This posture was a nice change of pace and shows a real commitment to the next generation of MMORPGs.

What we know

In all honesty we don’t know very much at this point. That is mostly because there wasn’t a lot to tell. We do know that EverQuest Next is not a sequel or sequel gone alternate universe like EverQuest II. EverQuest Next is a reboot of the franchise. It will tell the story of EverQuest again but the results are not likely to be the same. We also know that SOE is focusing more on EverQuest for this product. They see the slowly growing but very present “return to MMORPG roots” faction in the community. They will be looking at what made EQ so memorable and bringing that to EverQuest Next. That was abundantly clear.

We also know that they recognize some of their larger mistakes. 24 classes? Absolutely not! EverQuest Next will not have the insane amount of roles that EverQuest II does. PvP after thought? Again, no. PvP will be in SOE’s mind from the very beginning. This will likely mean that it can be handled separately and won’t muddle with the balance of the PvE game. In short, SOE has a huge list of mistakes that they intend to learn from.

What I want

I think the point was driven home that one of the things that made EverQuest great was the large, expansive world of Norrath. We were able to explore at our own leisure and find amazing things. There was not a string of quest hubs that you ran through. They simply didn’t exist and I hope they cease to exist soon. There are far more interesting ways to distribute quests than a bunch of zombie NPCs with !s over their heads.

Instancing needs to start being scaled back. It destroys community and has been way over utilized. You will always need some of it to ensure everyone has content but we need to see more open zones that force interaction. Open zones offer the ability to give greater rewards, foster competition, create heroes/villians and I’d like to see that. I want to know more about the players on my server than I can learn in general chat.

The return to clearly defined class roles will also be a big change for me. EverQuest II has muddle the roles and shoe horned too many classes into generic archetypes. It is hard to feel unique in the game. With less classes each one can have a bigger role and that is very important to me. I’m sure someone will made an anti-trinity plea for this game but to that I say, “Don’t mess with what works for EQ.” If anything lets bring enchanters back into it!

If those three items alone appear in EverQuest Next I’ll consider it a great game. I’m tired of the WoW system of MMORPG design. I want to see more of the EQ system and I think that opportunity will present itself in the next few years. I’m excited to step back into Norrath again! I want to have the same memorable experiences that I had before and that seems to be the goal for the game. It is a large one but if anyone can manage it SOE can.

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34 Responses to EverQuest Next

  1. Dethdlr says:

    I think the point was driven home that one of the things that made EverQuest great was the large, expansive world of Norrath. We were able to explore at our own leisure and find amazing things. There was not a string of quest hubs that you ran through. They simply didn’t exist and I hope they cease to exist soon. There are far more interesting ways to distribute quests than a bunch of zombie NPCs with !s over their heads.

    I hope they find a happy medium here. Being able to explore is one thing. Standing there saying, “what the heck do I do next?” is another. I’m sure it was exciting for a month or two when the Claymore line first came out in EQ2 and people were exploring to find the next quest in the line, but now it’s just annoying. You’re doing one of the quests, you’re following the story, you finish the quest, and it doesn’t give you the next one. Now you’re searching around to find where to pick up the next quest. I want to play EverQUEST, not EverSearchForTheNextNPCWhoWillGiveMeAQUEST. Exploring is fine, but the options shouldn’t be A) Go to a fan site like EQ2I or ZAM to find the next quest or B) go explore for a few hours in the hopes that you’ll stumble across the right NPC to give the next quest. Heck, if nothing else, give me a quest that simply says, “I’ve done all I can for you adventurer. You must now find someone else who can help you further.” At least then I’ve got a quest in the journal to remind me that I was actually working on a questline. Then I can go explore to find the next step.

    I remember what it was like before they added the feathers over quest giver’s heads. For me, it’s not a fond memory. I can see how it added to imerssion to have to talk to all sorts of NPCs before finding one that had a quest for you. Personally, I’d rather have the quests themselves be more enjoyable rather than the search for the quest in the first place. Sure, hide a few of them here and there, but I don’t play the game because I like easter egg hunts. Have the quests themselves require you to do the exploring. Don’t make people explore to find the quests in the first place. Why hide content?

    • Dresden says:

      I think a happy medium could be expanding the options for advancement. You can have your quests that are obvious and available. But, you could add exploration and combat experience as viable options.

      Ferrel’s point was more about the way the world made you feel and your relationship to that world and the players. You don’t have to get rid of the broker and quest hubs necessarily, but there has to be some way to recapture the expansive nature of original titles like EQ1. In many ways, the constant search to make it easier on the player and decrease individual responsibility has watered down immersion and general gameplay experience.

      I can remember spending whole days in East Commonlands (or North Freeport on some servers) doing trading and selling. You could actually trade items and, at first, plat wasn’t as important as the items themselves. The player-run economies have died with the over use of no-trade and broker systems.

      Along with the slow death of the player run economy, instancing has driven communities into smaller slices as well. You used to interact on a grand scale with many groups in open dungeons. You quickly found out which guilds were honorable, what people to group with, who would train you or get you killed, etc. Reputations were a very big deal back in the day, especially with no server transfers or name changes.

      • Dethdlr says:

        Yeah, the world has changed a bit. Guild halls have pulled people out of the cities and isolated them in their guild halls. This is both a bad thing and a good thing imo. Prior to guild halls, there were many guild mates at different levels than me that I’d never actually seen in game. Now that all guild mates share a guild hall, we see each other all the time. That’s a nice change. However, I do miss the days of sitting in SS or Qeynos Harbor checking out the random stranger that strolled by.

        About the quests though, remember when the epic weapons came out in EQ2? There was a scramble in the worldwide class channels to try and figure out what the next step of the quest was, or in some cases, how to even start them. Or remember those shards of a picture that they gave out to fan sites last year in build up to the expansion? That had people exploring all over the place to figure those quests out in the worldwide lore channel. I missed the discovery on my server for the last one by literally half a second. That’s the kind of exploration I personally hope they go with. Don’t make me search FOR the quest, make me search to DO the quest.

    • brammator says:

      There is “Storylines” tab now. Kinda late, of course, but still.

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  3. Zakary says:

    wouldn’t that be putting the A back in PWN?

  4. I know it’s still very early days and it’s silly to be excited about anything at this stage but I can’t help but look forward to EQ Next. If SOE are able to bring together the best qualities of Everquest and WoW then they could have a really compelling game on their hands. That won’t be easy to accomplish though but I want them to try :)

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  6. Wandidar says:

    I’m not meaning to offend anyone – but I find it disturbing that people are asking for “WoW” game mechanics in “EQ Next” – because I was very much into “pre-launch” Vanguard, and saw a very vocal “bring WoW mechanics” into the game community – virtually destroy what Vanguard COULD have been. I am playing VG again now, and enjoying it immensely. I see within it the signs of what it SHOULD have been at launch…

    Namely – a game for me – the old school MMO player, and those LIKE me – other old school MMO players. I have played WOW – it’s a fine game – but it is not “EQ” and it is NOT what I want from “EQNext”.

    Folks who want more WOW – should be asking Blizzard for “WoWNext”.

    In short, here is my “EQNext” wish list:

    – I don’t want ! over NPC heads.
    – I don’t want my hand held.
    – I want to be able to fall prey to my own stupidity (i.e. if I’m dumb enough to accidentally attack a guard, I want to die – not have a dialog box tell me “that wouldn’t be a good thing to do”).
    – I’m ok with quest “hubs”, but I don’t want anything telling me where they are – I want to explore for the sake of exploring, and have those hubs be a pleasant surprise – not a requirement to level
    – I want community to mean something again. Community is SO important.
    – I want the game world to be somewhat harsh and somewhat unforgiving… but full of reward for perseverance, not a world where I get rewarded simply for signing in
    – In short, I want EQNext – to be EQ NEXT… not “EQ combined with “

  7. Simplysaid says:

    MMORPG is all about interaction amongst other players. Everquest was all about that in every aspect of the game. You also had to work at accomplishment in every aspect as well. If you wanted to sell stuff, that was an aspect of the game where you would have to devote gametime to sell items to other players, and thus have player interaction. If you wanted to get somewhere fast and not have to take 20 minutes to get there, you hired a druid or wizard to port you, thus more interaction. If your corpse died, you either had to get a group together to get your corpse or hire a Necro to summon it at the end of the zone, thus more interaction. Having common areas where everyone hangs out was one of the best forms of interaction. That is all gone now and the nail that sealed that coffin was Guild Housing. Anyone go to Freeport or Qeynos lately??? They are both almost always empty. The game has also become too convenient. Now you can go from just about anywhere in Norrath to anywhere in Norrath. Anyone taken a boat lately to Butcherblock??? Because the game has been much too convenient and unsocial, working hard to achieve almost anything in the game and worldwide interaction is all but gone. Too much convenience and achieving the ends with very little effort, makes end game content to easily attainable and the game then, becomes boring. Another huge detriment to the game, imo, is parsing programs. Raids are all about DPS and who is at the top of the parse list. If you dont dps at the top of the parse, you are not important unless the tank dies and the raid wipes. Then, it is, who didnt cure or who pulled aggro. I would love to see the mechanics and character balance that Everquest had and make ALL characters important to the game in their own special way.

  8. LovNarrath says:

    The best of EQ and EQII

    EQ = Less classes but would like to see AA lines that give us abilities similar to EQII classes, would make for more diverse classes then just cookie cutter type classes.

    EQII- player housing, furniture, nodes, races and more like different ethnic groups like Asian, to Indian, and any human race we can’t achieve in game now.

    ‘On the Fence of what may be better of both‘-
    AA lines from either game? Not sure what ones are better or worse so maybe others have better idea of differences.

    1.Once Done please don’t overhaul the whole crafting system like they did in EQII.
    2. Gear needs to stay the same within each tier as we level so when introducing new expansions don’t make the gear better then the same tier like it is now in EQII,
    3. To save on data space and time of trying to find it on a broker I would suggest to not make so many different names in gear except gear that is obtain through raids or uncommon methods.
    4. Make all gear have complete matching sets within that tier, weather there is ten colors or twenty in that tier, at least make it wear we can find a whole set of it.
    5. Have degrading of gear instead of attuned, and also furniture that if handed down to a alt or even someone that it gets what I would call new, used and fragile tag so gear can be passed down three times and then it may be able to be taken to someone who can make it new again. They can still use attuned for raid gear for generally it is for certain class so passing it down isn’t a option normally. A way to check this is when the gear is repair through a mender or when house upkeep is paid that it has a way to check if its still the original owner.
    6. Actual children of all races made within home cities they can start from.
    7. Allow characters to Sit and lay down.
    8. Way more hair styles for races with hair and have it where we can make ourselves skinny iny to a chubbiness of sorts. It would also make for more diversity as well.
    9. Allow Dark Elf’s to have red hair and High Elf’s to have dark hair which isn’t possible in EQII.

    I am sure I have other ideas but this all I can say atm. – may be back or not. :)

  9. Hugor says:

    I myself can not hold back my excitement for EQ Next. As an old school MMO player, EQ is and will always be “The Game’
    I started about a month after launch and retired it about 4 years back. I never tried EQ2 myself so I can not speak to that, however I recently started playing WoW with thoughts of EQ running through my mind. It’s not a bad game, but for me there is none of the EQ feel to it. The days of “Selling everything on me in tunnel 2nd torch!” are long gone. or actually being afraid to run across a zone even with sow on you (Kith at night for me). I know Wandidar and simplysaid have summoned it up best for us old school players, but I could not resist a chance to talk about my favorite game of all time, it’s been to long since I have. I already know right now that I will be trying EQ Next out on launch to see if that old magic can be reclaimed. If it can come even halfway close I will be happy. I leave you crossing my fingers that SOE can pull this off, or at least come close.

  10. kalonaf says:

    “The days of “Selling everything on me in tunnel 2nd torch!” are long gone. or actually being afraid to run across a zone even with sow on you (Kith at night for me). I know Wandidar and simplysaid have summoned it up best for us old school players, but I could not resist a chance to talk about my favorite game of all time, it’s been to long since I have.”

    You summed this all up for me right there. i played EQ from release until a few years in. I miss the late night tunnel trading, i miss the suspense of running through that damn kith forest at night. I remember seeing the giants in the plains for the first time, i MISS that thrill, that excitement! The oasis dock sand giant pulls, guk corpse runs… even GM run events in the commonlands. i really hope EQNext can bring this back, im very exicted to see the outcome hopefully we can get across these are the things we miss. keep it simple, keep it challenging.

  11. Dvaren says:

    The real question boils down to this: Will SOE, or any other developer for that matter, ever make a MMO again that doesn’t cater to the shiftless masses? Will they be willing to balance the equation that suggests that fewer players paying for over half a decade….. may equal more players playing for a year or two?

    EQ punished us for our mistakes. EQ made us beg for our rewards. EQ forced us to rely on each other and figure out clever solutions to problems. But most of all….

    ….EQ made us proud of our characters. Progression was so slow, rewards were so seldom, and mistakes were easy to make…

    ….that getting ANYWHERE in that game was something to be proud of. It’s silly really. Being proud of a video game character. Yet it didn’t stop me, and apparently, neither did it stop any of you =)

    • Joe says:

      A friend of mine got me into playing Everquest. My one and only problem with the game was the fact that it took hours to get anything accomplished. Being a father of 2, married, with many things to get done during the day I don’t have any time to sit at a computer all day long spending 6 hours trying to gain 1 or 2 levels. I don’t have time to wait 2 hours to get raids together. Of coarse these are not words against the game but my own problem. My point is, I would like to see EQ next keep everything that worked for EQ but get rid of the ridiculous amounts of time it took to get anything done. The fact that you also had no idea where quests would be given was discouraging. Being almost forced to find groups and grind my way to ma level was not appealing whatsoever. I understand that people want to feel that what they have done in EQ waws something to be proud of but was it really worth ALL of your time? It’s a video game. It’s meant to be entertainment when you have time for it. Nothing against those who spend all of their time playing EQ….though they should probably go outside =P, but the fact of the matter is today’s gaming society is on the move. We like certain things and gaming has evolved tremendously in the last 10 years. What worked for EQ then won’t work for EQ now. There needs to be a stable middle ground we can all agree on and SOE just needs to find it.

  12. Kalliko says:

    I have played EQ off and on since 1999. I think there is 17 expansions now and is probably the MOST massive MMO of all time. If they would just upgrade the graphics.. redo the raids to be 10-15 man !! oh that would be so awesome! I would definately get sucked in.. just spice up EQ 1 support the PvP and you have EQ NExt !

  13. Elric says:

    Played eq1 and eq2 loved eq1 and really liked eq2 until soe started changing this and that to make all the peps that was bitching happy so if this game can hold true to its self and stop trying to make everyone happy it may be a good or great game but if it goes back to trying to pleasing all the cry bitching babies that hate doing hard quest that hate to have to have a group to do things or just wants everything handed to them then this game will not make it i dont want a wow game i like my games to be hard and make me think i want to fell proud when i do something right and get rewarded for it so soe make the game the way u think it should be and stop trying to please everyone

  14. Elric says:

    I wrote a post yesterday but for some reason not showing up today one i play eq1 and 2 loved eq1 and was really starting to like eq2 until soe started changeing the game when peeps started crying that it’s to hard i hate to have to go get my soul when i die crafting takes to long quest r to long i want to be able to solo i dont want to have to grp all that crying and what did soe do change the hole game just to make very one happy.If u want to solo your way to lvl 80 then go play wow if u want easy quest with great reward then play wow.Soe needs to stick with what they started off with and stop changeing everything just because u get some peeps crying about how hard it is i like it hard i like haveing to get my soul for getting my ass killed infact it made me play better and think about what i was doing but now it does not matter if u get killed to it i fault proud when i did a quest like claymore and finished it but now all the quest i easy most r solo.Eqnext will be a really good game if the stick to what made eq1 so great and stop trying to please everyone

  15. Steve Timble says:

    I hope they keep the mechanic of named mobs and placeholders.. I absolutely love camping a mob in hopes the named will pop in it’s place and drop the item I need.. Call me crazy but I can do that all day (And have done it all day in eq1)
    Also, I love it when the bard pulls and the warrior (me) pulls it off him/her as it arrives at the group. I love that fact that the pulls are single pulls (Unlike Wow where everythign seems to be a group of mobs) with the excetion of the occasional “Add/Roamer”. It took skill by the whole group to make the mob killing like a well oiled machine.
    Please add these two mechanics to the next Everquest installment.. Do that and my wife and I are coming back!!
    Also, I like the fact that if we needed a healer we looked for a cleric, a tank we looked for a warrior etc… in other games there are so many classes or different specs for each class.. hated it!! ..

  16. Brian says:

    i hope they bring back the eq1 con system where you didnt know how tough a mob was until you pulled it, it led to some of the best drama in exploring new areas i also hope they lose the greying armor and reduce the no trade and attuned stuff, my second hand armor and weapons should be worth something to another player bring back the player driven economies. most important of all is the out of group buffs!!! nothing brought the community together like an area where everyone looked for buffs from other classes (KEI anyone?) without having to be grouped with that class (6 slots in group 24 classes? ) spread the buffs out a little more evenly maybe so one class isnt the buff god and some get none. reduce all instances to just player housing and allow multiple raids to interact for success on large scale encounters not just contesting one mob but make it so several guilds have to work together rather then compete against. there is alot i miss from eq1 i mean we all hated the wait for the boat while we played eq1 but isnt it one of your most profound memories, getting to freeport from butcherblock took effort getting from freeport to qeynos took effort, the feeling that you accomplished something even from the most mundane task in just getting from 1 city to another. i’m not saying remove transportation but bring back the feeling of accomplishment from the solo play all the way thru raid play.

  17. Gary says:

    I played EQ1 about 2 years till eq2 came out played that a few years. tried vanguard few months. tried wow few months. took year and half 2 years off. tried eq2 again wow it was messed up. currently playing conan bout a month now

    lota good comments in here.
    like…EQ punished us for our mistakes. EQ made us beg for our rewards. EQ forced us to rely on each other and figure out clever solutions to problems. But most of all….
    ….EQ made us proud of our characters. Progression was so slow, rewards were so seldom, and mistakes were easy to make…
    ….that getting ANYWHERE in that game was something to be proud of. It’s silly really. Being proud of a video game character. Yet it didn’t stop me, and apparently, neither did it stop any of you =)

    few thoughts of mine
    —Quests…..Less Is More…so tired of running back and forth and all over getting quests and turning in quests. Sure some of the quest dialog is interesting but after reading 5+ quests you just say screw it and just click click click accept. Make less quests and longer/more objectives before returning 100 times for say one piece of armor each or a few copper. Make it take a while and then when you turn in quest you get say a whole armor set or say a few silver or gold…….Also no more crap quest items taking up space in bag (like daisies for miss froofroo or goat testicles for mr weirdo’s rocky mountain oysters)…….Bag should have rations, bandages, equipment (armor,weapons, spell components, potions, totems), and loooooot vender loot and player loot.
    —gear matching ……noone wants to look like a reject who dresses funny (well very few) we want to look badass. The apperance slot in EQ2 love the idea works great. (some like super shiny looking armor some like me prefer more plain rugged looking armor)
    —sitting, laying, furniture interaction.sitting on chair etc
    —player chat…..players should always be able to chat even in PvP (don’t wanna chat? turn off that channel)……….first its just a game get over it. Second how are you going to trash talk Lol……….. Extra bonus I would even go so far as to allow grouping up with opposing players to accomplish some goals (enemy of my enemy is my friend type a deal)…..sure they might screw ya sometime but that would be part of the excitement……… I might even play some PvP then. (long as there is /duel i’m usually good)
    —AA trees……Every tree in every class should all be important. So there isn’t just one “recomended” path or the “best” path. Each class tree should be desired (even though can have only one)
    —player mounts………again Less is more……. a horse and maybe one more then chill….keep the mamoths and hoverboards outa game flying mounts can hit the road too
    —character apperance…..Probably not super important but I always could use, because takes me a bit to get character just the way I like. Is a way to change apperance and even name Lol. Till say like level 10 or 20 (by then every thing should be good). I musta remade 100’s of characters just cause I thought of a better name or forgot to add a tattoo or get the height set right Lol

    no matter what i am chomping at the bit to see this game

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  19. Gary says:

    ah yes also less hotbar abilities especially for a tank which I like to play ..whem i’m tanking i’m busy looking around for adds, looking for the next mob to grab, watching everyones hp and mana to see if we are good to go. I don’t want to worry about doing some dumbass hotbar attacks all the time. Give me back the taunt-kick-slam keys. if people wanna do crazy hotbar special attacks play a wizard or something. Get rid them stances too sheesh just make a basic warrior…gid rid of the crap…and remeber this motto? K.I.S.S. keep it simple stupid…creative is good but don’t get carried away

  20. Saintz says:

    I can tell all of you are as thrilled to see what we always thought “Everquest” could be. I was playing EQ1 in the 90’s, I remember how frustrating learning zones was, how rewarding loot drops could really be.

    I was on the EQ2 Beta and loved it from the start. I accually could not go back to EQ1 because of my simple devotion to EQ2. I have tried WOW, Vanguard, Conan, and SWG – all have merrit and are good games. The fact that SOE is going back and revamping a new Everquest makes me smile like a kid on Christmas morning. I want many of the same things I see posted on all these great threads. I would ask for…

    12-16 classes MAX

    As many races as you can think of, lets face it the races bring the unique to the game. I love the race stats in EQ2.

    Gear that grows with you not drops you have to get at every tier, either by having the gear remade each tier or by attuning new properties to the gear itself at each tier with limits on how far that gear could be customised at each tier. I could totally imangine gear that you build yourself, that you customize everything from color to stats to special abilities being as diverse as the characters themselves.

    I think AA-lines are great but max per level is the only way to keep players always moving forward. You PVPer’s know what I mean. Level locking is a fine way to make sure you get to as much content as is available but being able to use AA’s in a way as to be able to farm entire zones solo hurts the game. I would hope that SOE would see the logic in a 2 or 3 max per level and base the zones and future expantions on the same modle.

    Keep all the housing, guild halls, crafting, mail system, broker and yes nodes from EQ2 – these all build communities and keep the interaction between players alive even if they never see eachother.

    My 2cp’s,

  21. Geoff says:

    I like alot of the ideas posted here. I came from EQOA/F on the PS2. A few mechanics from EQOA I’d like to see is;
    The class mastery system- This system to me was a perfect way to add diversity to ANY class without the flood of different roles in a game.. as a monk I could choose a defensive sensei class.. or choose an offensive ninja class. Even choose an archtype class such as bravo. each with their special skills and or buffs that made them invaluable in raids/grinds for more class mastery points.
    Monks- Please add a martial arts type monk class. I loved the fact that i could flying back kick a froglok.
    The quad system. Its beautiful in its simplicity. The fact that melee classes hit 4 times, whereas a caster hits once, and a tank hits twice ( unless hes a warrior. ) I can see adding modifiers like parry and block to enhance the combat system but the quad/dual hit system was flawless in my opinion. There were modifiers to base damage, such as the tanks AC and or the players str/dex.
    What’s lacking in alot of games is everquests old named mob system. Games now a days have but a glimmer of this system. I loved the placeholder idea as previously mentioned.. the fact that I could be killing some random mob and then all the sudden some crazy strong monster pops in his place adds a thrill, and also excitement that he may drop some really nice looking robe or piece of armor. It was always fun to farm aviaks for these named monsters just to get some set of armor that may look cool. These simple things are more meaningful than what people may think. Such as the dying due to stupidity as mentioned before. I loved being level 30 and seeing if i could solo a level 35 gaurd.. or pulling 50 gaurds out of boredom using a healing tunic.
    I miss just about everything from EQOA, good and bad. Bad because it was a learning experience. .and reputation was prime in EQ and EQOA. Guilds fighting over a rare spawn raid mob. Guilds training other guilds just to get to the spawn first. The drama that made EQ EQ should be present in this new installment. Don’t cater to the people who think that if they bitch enough theyll get an easier way to get across the continent , they should work hard for what they get, and be proud of their character as EQ has caused.. make them ask for SoW from a druid or ranger so they can run their ass from qeynos to freeport. I guarantee theyll find something theyve never seen and won’t regret the decision to explore.
    A long winded comment I must admit, but as an avid EQOA player once upon a time, I felt obligated to throw in my two cents. It is my favorite MMO to-date. I cant pass up the opportunity to share my nostalgia with everyone, especially since a good portion of people don’t even know what EQ was. ” EQ is a WoW clone.”
    Let’s hope SOE doesn’t decide to follow the WoW mechanic bandwagon.

  22. Bloodravage says:

    That was the best thing about Everquest is that the world itself was dangerous and mysterious. No more maps, night time meant you couldnt see anything unless you had ultravision, and you could very easily get lost and die. Every mmo ive played in the past several years you could easily just run around any zone without consequence. Experience loss is good too, because it doesnt allow the bad players to make it to higher levels.

  23. Whitewine says:

    I am a true fan of eq1. I played eq2 for a bit but could never really get over how much i loved the old school system of eq1. WoW to me is boring and Conan left a lot to be desired. I would really love to see the basics come back with this game as well as some of the things i liked about eq2 such as housing and crafting (which i could do for hours if my friends were not on). My fondest memories are of running with no gear through a zone with a train behind us trying to get to our corpses. Clerics were protected at all costs because no one wanted to do a corpse run and enchanters were must haves to make sure the clerics didn’t OOM. I have been really waiting for a MMO to excite me the way eq1 did and I hope this is it.

  24. Skeithe says:

    I also really miss EQ and there were things I LOVED about EQ2 exceprt the fact my poor shammy could never get a group due to the fact that people dont seem to group in that game.

    1st thing to me is make grouping extremely easy, good lfg tool, mentoring. Please make WAY less quests and more focus on exploring and dungeon runs.

    I REALLY want my SHAMMY from EQ2 with wards god i loved warding people. I also liked buffing people on the go to help them out but I also REALLY liked how EQ2 had perma buffs ingroup and you had to pick and choose the right buffs for the right situation. Maybe each class should have 1 out of group buff to cast for people out of their group and the rest all in group buffs like EQ2

    I also hope for the way spells and abilities were handled back in EQ1 where you had only 10 spells you could cast at a time and changing spells in combat could be hazardous but really really needed. Make spell selection important so you have the right set up for the right situation. I think choices are REALLY important.

    The whole item subject is really iffy for me, give me a reason to go kill that named and explore that dungeon but also make my gear meaning full. Plus find a way to make crafter gear meaning full as well…my thoughts is……..start off by customizing your gear the way you want it to look from preset standards, then go kill the dragon and take its tooth and a crafter weild it into your gear to make it stronger and better. The best items in the game should be crafted not dropped. Just make the requirements for it raid lvl or something.

    I understand that EQ2 had TOO many classes esp some that were just opposites of others but i liked that there was diversity in the jobs as well 3 healers, 3 tanks, 3 casters, 3 scouts i think EQ next should run with that or simply add more diversity within the same roles. For casters chanters didnt do a whole lot of Direct damage but they buffed the damage of others. If you add more classes PLEASE make them diverse but able to fill a required role. Blood mages would be nice :) lol

  25. Ryan says:


    in all the games listed, none had 7 basic stats – agility is NOT dexterity, and where is charisma ??

    death penalty – it made the world scary as hell
    losing levels – same as above
    naked corpse runs – same as above. made pet classes & SK awesome
    dragging corpses – what other game has this ? it is a link to the physical game world
    night blind humans & erudites – same as above
    shrink and grow spells (shrink for dungeons & large races = yay )
    infravision vs ultravision (dark elf only, very cool)
    infravision / ultravision items and BUFFS
    falling damage
    feign death – monk pull for the win
    fearing mobs to reverse kite = some skill, dangerous in dungeons lol
    merchants you can re-buy from . how many gems / ingredients did i get from trolling merchant NPCs ? this is gone in every MMO since.
    meaningful xp ressurections
    Underwater zones (need many more – more xp, better loot !)
    swimming skill
    underwater breathing + drowning
    invis & invis to undead
    undead only damage
    summoned items
    weapon procs
    item slots of different types to customize all equipment
    huge variet of augments to customize your character (thank you LDON)
    charming mobs
    mez (chanter class)
    buffing pets
    giving pets items to make them actually stonger (inter-class dependance)
    SO many potions !
    Arrow crafting very customizable (should allow more)
    quivers speed up archery
    player teleports (should be more reliant)
    Players bound by other players, not just NPCs
    Proper instancing – for raids & limited grouping
    Open raid zones (non-instanced) for uber loot
    Clickie items
    Equipment slots : 2 rings, 2 earrings, 2 bracers, face, shoulders, back item – most games lack the totality of these
    whole array of bags – different slots, weight reduction, pictures, custom colours, quests to get
    Encumbered – what other game makes you run slower and lose agility when you’re overweight
    run speed buff
    more meaningful stats than ANY other MMO – 7 – dexterity is NOT the same as agility. one is hand / arm movement, other is moving your body out of the way.
    EQ Next should have vitality in addition to stamina (disease / poison resistance mod to it, HP addition, HP / mana regen)
    charisma – affects charm, mez, buy/sell prices (used to be significant pre-luclin), should affect taunt & faction too. besides FF11, what game has charisma stat ?
    alliance faction spells – what other game has this ?
    FIVE resistances to worry about – there should be more : lightning & mind (sleep, mez, confusion effects)
    Mana AND HP AND Stamina – EQ2 did it so stupid combining stamina & mana – UGH
    The charm slot items are very cool
    rain & snow ! ability to turn it off ! it should affect spells too though
    Large races slam – very cool, realistic and immersive. Large races should have added dmg bonus always to slam.
    Small, medium, large size armor – irrelevant after kunark :( sadly less immersive now
    quests to change size of warrior crafted armor
    racial specific items
    diety specific items
    more equipment slots than any other game released ? lots of customization
    more meaningful long lasting buffs and debuffs than any other game released ?
    best raid window ever.
    racial abilities (sneak , hide, night sight, slam,)
    getting drunk ! (my ogre never got any benefit from it..what does it do ? more str ? never gave him any)
    experience penalties (please don’t bring that back in the 40 % form)
    originally clerics got healing bonus to spells
    originally only warriors got crit melee hits
    originally only rangers got crit bow hits
    Racial resists / susceptibilities
    summon corpses – seriously how freaking cool is it sk / necro only can do that
    racial regen
    different slot sizes in bags (eg halberd vs dagger)
    sitting to regen mana, extra aggro baby
    crouching to interupt spells (needed for emotes for some raids too )
    jumping actually needed to get to different parts of the environment
    audio triggers (like when you get a tell, you can actually hear you have a tell, or for raids)
    voice group chat (racial / gender “heal me” or “to battle” is too awesome
    proper friggin’ macros (social hotkeys) – eq2 failed so miserably on this
    bards. ’nuff said
    locked doors in dungeons. locked chests. need for lockpicks & rogues.
    focus effects : correct me if I’m wrong – any other mmo have this ?
    /who command – to actually see class level race zone. why is this absent from other games
    linking items in chat, seeing it in group loots – it’s been around for over 5 years, yet most new games won’t let you share item stats ? what ?
    echoing of sound effects in dungeons (eg guk )
    cureable deathtouch
    clicky CLASS only armor – eg war shrink bracer, rogue summon dagger bracer, pally druid buff helm, etc
    actually using components to cast spells, sounds much more immersive. peridots, bat wings, fish scales, lapis lazuli, malachite, cat’s eye agate, etc
    pet taunt on or off
    spell research using components, how awesome !
    spell scribing, not just “ding, now i have new spells automagically” – no spells to quest or loot or share is bad.
    epic weapons all classes – focus effects, clickies, stats unmatched to anything else in the game
    non-locked mobs. anyone can help, anyone can eventually loot. helps build community
    no trivial loot code
    racial cities – dark elves, trolls, dwarves underground. wood elves in trees. that = game starting immersion

    class specificity on tradeskills :
    Shaman – potions
    Rogue – poisons and potions
    Enchanter – magical jewelry
    Pure casters – research (now kinda gone)

    Read more: http://everquest3.proboards.com/index.cgi?board=uniqueness&action=display&thread=2#ixzz1NQE78Ohe

  26. steven says:

    Yes i loved the old eq myself played it 1999 and for 5 faithfully yrs after and some on and off since then.. Just plz dont make the game EASY … Like alot of posters like me saying…. Make it like the orginal eq … Im sure you wud get alot of the old players back and then alot … I basicly quit the game after it was getting easy to play like guild portals and summoners hell i rember i spent almost half a day trying to find my corpse then trying to buy a cleric to rezz it that was so much fun …. IM SURE YOU GET THE PICTURE HERE ……THANX

  27. travis says:

    I have never played eq because I was playing uo and I hate starting over. From what I have heard and read lately about eq I will become a faithful player bringing friends with me. I play for the ability to do what I want not be what I am told to be or go where I am told to go. If you like quest chains where everything is done by you then go play a single player game that takes you stage to stage. If you want to sit in chat and talk crap all day go to a chat room. If you want to play a game that is an escape from the real world then what do we play? We don’t we login and find something to do that we have already done a hundred times before. If EQ Next bring the true meaning of MMORPG back and ignores the WOW etc mentality “I will pay you just give me the gear while I sit and talk crap” then we will again have a place to go and belong. Real achievements are those you accomplish because you want to do it not because a game says it is an achievement. If you don’t like old school mmorpg then why do you care what EQ Next is like there are a lot of games out there for you but those of us who do need a new game because ours are dust in the wind.

  28. Susan says:

    EQ 1 in my opinion is still the best MORPG ever made.
    1. It had a sense of danger that no other game has ever been able to duplicate and the mechanics were amazing. The newer vidio games have resorted to button mashing and honestly the game play is so fast that there is no reason to debuff, mez or do anything but zerg the mob. Its rediculous.
    2. The newer games are boring. I don’t even read the quests anymore. They are just blah blah blah snore kill 10 wash repeat blah blah blah kill 10 wash repeat. I hate the quest system. Green inferior gear for boring quests. Flush them please and give fewer quests with “special” meaninful gear.
    3. Whats up with the leveling furry! Are we dying tomorrow? Losin our internet? Why would anyone want to level that quick? It always results in the same mediocre result. We level so fast we don’t get a “feel for the environment and we level right out of our green and blue gear. This results in two things. We don’t develop a connection with the world and we don’t appreciate the gear. I find this frustrating to no end.
    4. Then I have the feeling that they are leading me around like I am mentally challenged… Over here. We aren’t done yet! Over there now , get those four quests. kill 10 wash rinse repeat. God its like a nother job. Here follow the trail. People need arrows and road maps and lines and visuals. Whats so bad about the old days when you had to figure out a quest. Work on it a little and get a good reward for your work? I would much prefer it over being driven around like cattle from objective to objective. Makes me want to moooo.
    5. I miss EQ the world. It was well written and immersive. The newer games seem to be spit out just like their monotonous litany of boring quests. It’s hard to get a feel for their game or the history they are so badly conceived. Seriously bring back the great features this game had. EQ is the only game I know of that I played for hours and no one appeared to ever AFK to even use the restroom! thats a clear indication of the addictive nature of the game and the love we held for it.
    6. Whats up with the graphics? I love graphics but Content should come first. Give me a big world with options, and give me a reason to explore. So many games give bonus exp for quests that there is no reason to explore or kill stuff anymore. Unless they tell you too. Thats just wierd.
    7. Most importantly content needs to outweigh graphics. I love graphics but they aren’t the basis for what makes a game fun. I really hope this will be a new take on EQ 1 and not something completely headed in a new direction. EQ 1 was a great game and EQ 2 should have been a take on it instead of a game headed in an entirely new direction. It did turn out as a decent game but it never reached the status of EQ 1.

  29. oldcode says:

    they should remove tells and communications make it exact like everquest 1 with new modern action combat system and deathpenalty modified and add more freedom…what cap eq from when i beta tested it on xegony was the fact that it was difficult to move out from city. and no one knew what was out there at all…no sites or forums or read and done know by everone what is there. didnt aquire platemail til 38th cause of economy didnt aquire anything without a struggle not a pre destign situation like new mmo’s. also all spells doing totally different things was big plus…mmo’s today are just damage = damge over time, damge direct, vamping. healing, or buff….but in everquest original.. u had waterbreathing. eye of zogg to see through. levitate…teleport ..and as well os items that made u run fast, belts that expanded your attack speed. they should capitalize with modern advancements on expanding this. destructable buildings. instead of guildhall…..and unlike all other mmos that have healer,tank,dps that make up a group….u needed 4 components. healer tank enchant(crowd control) and dps…and was not 1 player do all…the downfall most will say is finding the right class. but the unknown and rough challenges with items that grant possible of great power is a key role not explored that old everquest offered.

    • oldcode says:

      you could make the wizard gain spell that grants tells to players as ingame through a crystal ball. the functions of game that u get should be incorperated into the achievement. also i aggree finding a quest through interaction as in everquest 1 is sacred compared to the exclamation mark over head and run the robot drill.