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EverQuest 2 Extended Panel

EverQuest 2 Extended Panel

SOE gave a very reasonable reason as to why you cannot transfer from EQ2Ex to EQ2 Live. Due to the copy ability players could create a dupe loop. SOE felt it was better to allow the live players an opportunity to try EQ2Ex.

Both services will be advertised together. New players will be given good choices.

New items for Sentinel’s Fate bosses. New way to do hot zones in SF.

EQ2Ex is designed to get the game back in the press. It will be the best free to play MMORPG out there.

Calthine asked about incentives for Station access. SOE may look at it.

Crabbok asked about ways to get new blood getting into the live server.

Players will be able to copy from PvP servers to EQ2 Live.

What is the incentive to come to the live server once you have an established toon?

SOE is going to try to “inform the players before they make that decision.”

I don’t particularly buy that answer. Players will try the free first obviously and wont be coming over.

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4 Responses to EverQuest 2 Extended Panel

  1. Endraal says:

    Maybe sexy little drawings of Smed having a really really bad day?

  2. Ysharros says:

    This is the problem. However good EQ2X may be, it still sounds like the death knell for the live servers. I’m not tinfoil-hatting but I suspect that’s the long-term idea — which is why you can move from live to X but not the other way.

  3. Endraal says:

    Stop drinking for 2 secs and post a pic or 50.
    GD slacker.

  4. Dresden says:

    Just got back – was a blast.

    Got to say meeting everyone and fan faire in general was amazing.

    Not sure about too much info, but I did sit in on a good interview Ferrel did with his podcast partner, not sure when that will be up (View from the Top I believe?). It was with Frizznik, the lead game mechanic designer, and he answered some good questions.

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