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The secret to raiding

FerrelMany raid guilds keep their processes secret. When we were competing we had ours locked in a safety deposit box. If anyone else found out how we conducted business they’d be able to take our place as number one and we couldn’t allow that. For the first time ever I will break the “hardcore raider’s code of silence” and show you the process by which all new content is defeated.

How to raid an MMORPG

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4 Responses to The secret to raiding

  1. Alex says:

    This is a nice chart, well strategy is most of the raids are very important IMO, but for most guilds that are not used to raid or have not so much raid experience, they usually choose the second path “Don’t research the mob”, so they need to learn with their own experience.

    I see that lots of guilds choose the “zerg” way, go there and spank, but as EQ and EQ2 are games with lots of rich and intelligent contents, the zerg way does not help so much, i am not saying that will not work but … please consider to have a different strategy for every mob you are intending to kill.

    Raid preparation is very important, it is not always that you have the necessary classes on your group to make it go smooth, sometimes you miss a healer on your group and you need to play your class very wise in order to win, someone a death from a single member of the raid can generate extra spawns or extra healing for the target.

    Also remember to have extra resistance equipments, potions, all that the games offer to you and that you are eligible to use. If you can use, then use.

    Explain very clear the strategy to all members of the raid, clear information is very important, assign the tasks to the members, persons like to have task, they like to feel themselves important to the group.
    Make clear that if someone didnt understand an instruction that he/she is free to ask, otherwise this person will probably fail on his/her task and that will have impact on the raid.

  2. graffy says:

    To the OP… Next time don’t forget to add the ” /sarcasm” I wasn’t certain…

  3. Alex says:

    Sacrifice the gnomes is always a good choice…

    Would you blame the dwarves? They are nice and strong, they provide nice tanks, healers and zerks…

    Would you blame the elves? I would but 1st the gnomes…

    Would you blame the humans… i am human… or at least i try

    Would you blame the dark elves? Even you would, they wouldnt care, they are intolerant with the others…

    So would you blame the ogres? Me not… they eat gnomes, they are cool… also the trolls…

    See… there is no good reason to not blame the gnomes.