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World of Warcraft on iPad

World of WarcraftEvidently I wasn’t completely off base when I was teasing the idea of playing WoW on an iPad. Apparently someone is already in the process of making that happen. Not that I am shocked. It will be interesting to see how the controls work. Does this make the iPad more attractive? It certainly means that by using advanced streaming technology it may be a terminal for some of our favorite MMOs. The iPad could be your one-stop gaming device for when you’re out and about and a laptop just isn’t practical. It could also just be a pipe dream! Enjoy!

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4 Responses to World of Warcraft on iPad

  1. Tipa says:

    Well, except the picture pretty clearly shows he only got as far as the log in screen…. looks like text input isn’t there yet.

  2. Ryan says:

    I don’t understand how you could play WoW without at least a crappy video card. Don’t believe for a second the iPad would actually play WoW. I’ve tried playing EQ and a few others on my pretty crappy laptop that I use for internet surfing — which has the specs to play an EQ or WoW, minus the video card — and I can usually get to the log-in screens, but then it crashes, which is what one could reasonably expect.

    WoW could easily get something like a functioning Auction House running on an Ipad or Iphone, but that’s pretty much it. If Blizzard really, really wanted, I bet they could make some kind of a pared-down WoW-mini game, but I don’t think they could reasonably and affordably make a iPad/iPhone version of WoW. However, if they did make a WoW-mini that was a different, pared-down (but good) game, I’d seriously consider paying decent money to play it. It could be set on Azeroth before the near-destruction of the World Tree, or something.

    • Ferrel says:

      It isn’t really doing the processing and rendering itself. Technology is moving ahead to where we can do most of that effort on the servers side and essentially send “screen scrapes” quite quickly. The device in question only needs to be able to display the image. With that ability it isn’t impossible to imagine running some pretty heavy game on a cell phone. As long as the screen can keep up and your internet connection is good you can do it.

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