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Starcraft 2 is like going home

StarCraft 2When I was in Georgia this last weekend I stopped by my favorite GameStop to visit my buddies who work there and pick up my StarCraft 2 pre-order beta invitation. I was both thrilled and worried. StarCraft defines a sizable portion of my childhood. I had played Warcraft and Warcraft 2 but for me both paled in comparison to Starcraft. Even Warcraft 3 couldn’t remove the love I had for its space-bound cousin. As I sat in my father’s office downloading the beta I was really worried that you really can’t go home.

After hours of downloading on a slow DSL connection (thank you Bellsouth) I was able to get into StarCraft 2 and see if it lived up to the childhood experiences I had shared with its ancestor. Due to the beta being PvP only I was quite concerned. I’m not a big fan of playing against other players and I know SC2 is super competitive. I was destroyed my first two games but I kept at it. It wasn’t too long before I started putting in wins and getting comfortable with my Protoss.

The more I played the more I realized the game felt like home. I wasn’t really playing something new but more an extension of the original game. To some that might be a sad notion or a slight against Blizzard but in reality it is perfect. They didn’t try to reinvent my memories. They didn’t make drastic changes for the sake of changes. They took the core working formula and added to it and it just works. I immediately felt the love and addiction I did years ago.

That addiction aspect really picked up when I joined a 2v2 team with Khallid. Once it became a team sport I got quite competitive and we started putting up some good wins. We found ourselves in the silver brackets pretty quickly. He is a better player than I am but I’m getting there. We’ve certainly had some close games and some losses but it is a process of improvement. I always look forward to playing with delight and great excitement. I haven’t felt that about a game in a while even if I enjoy the title. In some cases you can go home I suppose. Your developer just has to make sure it feels that way.

If you’d like to be friends on Battle.net I’m Ferrel.Epicslant

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One Response to Starcraft 2 is like going home

  1. Ryan says:

    Star Craft was High School for me. I swear, it was like the only game I ever played for about two years. I didn’t play too much competitively in the ladder games, but I wasn’t bad with Terrans in that kind of arena, it just stressed the heck out of me knowing that one wasted moment or one stupid move could cost the entire game… I really enjoyed the 2v2s and 3v3s homebrew maps people would play each other with, casually (often with pretty much unlimited resources). They were lots and lots of no-stress fun. I mostly played the game that way for years, until 1) more and more people switched away from dial-up (ha! remember that!) — with me being stuck behind — and then the building nasty tendency for many of those 2v2 and 3v3 games to end up with one of the players backstabbing you. Hated that. If I even sensed a backstabbing coming, I’d go all out just to take ‘em with me. But eventually it got so frequent and tedious that it was what made me stop playing. I picked up EQ when I went off to college and got a solid 3-4 years of fun with that, though, so not a bad back-to-back few years of fun. Two of my favorite games played right after one another, for years straight… I wish I could get it that good nowadays!