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Epic Over Simplication – Healers

FerrelI’ve been a long time player of the cleric class in pretty much every game that contains something like it. Being a plate healer is just who I am and everything I want to be! These days it seems that developers have forgotten what it means to be a survivable healer. To make their life easier I thought I would give them a hand. Enjoy the Epic Over Simplification of EverQuest II healer balance. It really is as easy as this!

EQ2 healer balance

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9 Responses to Epic Over Simplication – Healers

  1. Kendricke says:

    Are you counting “buffs” as number of buffs, usefulness of buffs, or power of buffs? Are you counting debuffs as utility?

    Is this what you would like to see or what you think exists?

    • Ferrel says:

      Everything is on a scale of relative power, not just numerically. I was going to break out debuffs but I figure they can be considered utility.

      I suppose you could say this is what I’d like to see. It certainly isn’t how things are now. It is also a gross oversimplification of a complex issue!

  2. Endraal says:

    I guess healing is utility according to this?

    • Ferrel says:

      No, it is actually a non-concern these days. You might have some deviation in healing power but in general that should be equal across all classes.

      It isn’t like the old days where only a cleric could keep a group alive. You can pretty much group with any healer and survive.

  3. Charn says:

    It is definetly NOT the way things are now . . . especially with wardens. The warden in my guild is almost ALWAYS at or near the top of the heal parse and out DPSes some of the scouts and mages! (granted on trash, he DOES go into healing mode during named fights) AS WELL as being the only healer in a group but being able to group cure almost everything and he NEVER RUNS OUT OF POWER . . . EVER! The guy SOLOs the Conservatory! ALL of it!

    I have never been a healer class in any of these games since back in 1999 EQ1 days (it’s just not for me, so I have LOTS or respect for those that can do it and do it well) but seeing the things he does with his warden . . . it makes me want to try out a healer for the first time, ever.

    • Ferrel says:

      Don’t get me started on Wardens! Our warden has more mitigation than I do and I have better gear (in theory, probably equal now). It really has gotten out of hand and yes, this list is not the way things are at all.

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  5. Borgio says:

    I also agree that this isnt the way things are right now. I would like to chime in that a well played raiding Inquisitor will outdps Wardens and Furys, they scale so well at the moment!

    I play an Inq myself and generally push over 20k parses ranking in the top 6 of our 24 man raid. A lot of the Inqs on Runnyeye are the same.

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