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The Multiverse Episode 2

MMO FerrelAs if we were professionals Chris, Riknas and I recorded our second podcast right on schedule! This time around we did a better job of avoiding extreme tangents and really focused in on our talking points so if you haven’t really checked out The Multiverse now is the time to get in! That way, when we go triple platinum, you can say you were a fan before it was cool to be a fan!

On episode two we took some time to discuss the difference between classic and modern MMO design. Considering that is one of my favorite topics ever I had to restrain myself from going on a forty-five minute rant about the virtues of EverQuest’s design. I think it ended up being a pretty fair and balanced discussion, though. The gist of which is that designing to be the next WoW has proven to be a failure. Going after a niche audience is probably a better business model at this point considering none of the previous general offers before Aion were able to sustain even 500,000 subscribers.

The release of LotRO’s Siege of Mirkwood was a hot topic and we spent a decent amount of time covering that as well. If you’re interested in LotRO or already a fan, I really recommend looking that up. Turbine has done wonderful things with Lord of the Rings and it really is worth your time and money.

Check out the show to find out what else we discussed and feel free to leave a comment or two! Remember, comments sustain me!

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