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Sodality wants you!

Apply to SodalitySodality has been making exceptional progress in Lord of the Rings Online lately and we’re nearing that point where we shift from leveling to gear progression. The vast majority of our members have clustered in the mid to high 40s with several of us in the 50 range. This seemed like as good a time as any to look for some new recruits to strengthen our raid position and add to our guild culture.

If you think you’d like to jump in with us on LotRO we are looking for a few professional and mature players to add to our roster. Any class will do as we prefer solid players to specific niches. We could stand to have an additional minstrel apply. Applicants in the 40 to 60 range will have the most exposure to members and we tend to play in the EST/CST time zones. Highly motivated players who are of lower level are equally welcome. Friends and associates of Sodality members who just want someone to play with are also welcome. We can be found on the Firefoot server.

Sodality is a long standing and stable organization with multiple game tendencies (we’ll be in Champion’s Online and Aion as well, but probably in smaller quantities). Members tend to remain for years and retention is one of our most important goals. We employ solid tactics and treat encounters seriously but are ultimately casual raiders. One might even call us microcore. If you’re interested in raiding and/or grouping a couple of nights a week in a structured and skilled environment we are for you. If you’re looking to join a competitive raid guild we won’t be your cup of tea.

For more information please visit our website or forums. You may also direct any questions to me via Epic Slant comments or in game as Aldest. My officers and staff can also take your questions.

Officers: Deldric, Euma, Starlaa
Staff: Anarchous / Volsheer, Devilicus / Artymys, Fugazi

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4 Responses to Sodality wants you!

  1. Dresden says:

    >Deldric, btw. Someone took my normal name at release! (How dare they)

    Bionic Uncle Sam says join up!

    • Ferrel says:

      I thought I said Deldric! I am Aldest. For some reason none of use are our usual selves here.

      Edit: Sorry, long day and I’m riding the short train. You’re pointing out that Dresden = Deldric.

  2. Dresden says:

    Yes, for those who aren’t on intimate terms with me (like 1 reader and his parrot).

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