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LotRO isn’t all sunshine and hobbits!

LotRO GoatSodality and I have been getting quite deep into Lord of the Rings Online (as I’ve previously mentioned) and are just raving about how great an experience we’re having. This is Epic Slant though! We can only discuss the good so long before it is time to really talk about what improvement is needed. So, while I am truly enjoying the game and plan to continue doing so for quite some time, it is time to talk about some of the little things that are annoying me.

I know I mentioned this in my mini-review but I really feel like it needs repeating: LotRO’s guild support is embarrassing. For a game that has been around as long as this I am shocked that a refresh hasn’t been done yet! Each guild is limited to a mere four ranks with set names and powers. Customization is dismal and to unlock features you simply have to wait. There is no way for a very active and motivated group of players to advance their organization. Whether you play five hours a week or five hundred you get to sit back and wait on the timer. Realize that Sodality has a more complex rank structure than most games offer but surely we can do a little better than this!

One complaint that I have heard quite often is that there just aren’t enough mob models in LotRO. In all honesty, I have to agree. I can understand, given the restraints of the intellectual property, that there can only be so many mob types, but I am truly tired of fighting wolves, birds and the same orcs or goblins. It would be quite exciting if there was more variation in the mob types and, possibly, some implied creatures from lore. I just can’t imagine having to fight these same groups of creatures from now until the ring makes it to Mordor. I love Lord of the Rings but sometimes you have to take a little artistic license when it comes to a game!

As an advocate for a larger world with less quick travel I feel slightly embarrassed to say that I think travel is slightly too slow in this game. It just seems like the horse paths are so linear that it can take an unnecessary amount of time to get from point A to point B. I would enjoy it if there were more stables and if the rental horses moved faster. I am grateful to see the scale and grandeur of Middle Earth but I would enjoy it slightly more if it was just a blur as I whipped by it on a steed.

It would also be very therapeutic if we had the option to wreak havoc upon the hobbits. I feel like we deserve the opportunity after they make us run all over the shire with mail and pie. Surely nobody would notice if a nosy hobbit or two suddenly burst into flames. The whole place is just too happy and it seems like they’re more concerned with playing hide and seek than killing mobs! It could be worse, though, they could be gnomes.

Those few complaints are really all that I have so far and I consider that a very positive thing. LotRO plays quite well, I enjoy my class, and how it treats those of us who want to group is amazing! I’m quite stoked to get everyone in Sodality maxed out so we can start on the two group raids. I am curious to hear about what annoys my fellow LotRO players, however, so take a moment to stop by the comments if you please.

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7 Responses to LotRO isn’t all sunshine and hobbits!

  1. Dresden says:

    Down syndrome goat for the win! Or ram, or whatever they intended it to be. I name him Goatard.

  2. Nybling says:

    Well fighting Downs Bears, Downs Hunters (cats) on the North Downs constantly makes me think I am beating up animals with Downs Syndrome for starters.

    Then there is this: http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Trait:Upper-cut — take a close look at the icon. Does that not remind you of: http://www.cbc.ca/gfx/pix/schiavo_terri050318.jpg — some Dev has a twisted sense of humor, which isn’t a bad thing. I remember in WAR, one of the PQs in Altdorf used the terminology “Hot Karls” to refer to stolen Karls, the currency of the Empire. Yes, ‘hot’ is another term for stolen, but that term is too iconic to be anything but a twisted joke.

    As far as things I dislike:

    – Yeah, travel can get annoying.
    – My biggest pet peeve is that the Shadows of Angmar storyline quests are not soloable since the direction is now on Mines of Moria. IMO, content should be trivialized in the old game and made challenging in the new parts, if only because grouping up for stuff when you are leveling up 2 years post launch kinda sucks to wait around on group quests.

  3. Thallian says:

    Wait till you get into Moria. Practically all the mobs are new models. ;)

    • Ferrel says:

      Absolutely correct! I just got into Moria recently and I’ve been thrilled by the change. They even redid the goblins. They look a lot less like strange sucker fish and more like goblins too.

      I’m extremely impressed with Moria. I’ll be writing a long article about legendary weapons sooner or later.

  4. Nybling says:

    From my readings and chats with a buddy, if the LI system was less of a lottery it would be pretty much spot on.

    • Ferrel says:

      I too am annoyed with the lotto system. The bonuses you get are basically another type of diabloized loot. You can get super lucky or terribly unlucky.

  5. Ha! I just noticed you’re playing on the same server I am. Cool. :)

    But, yeah, travel is a pain in the ass in LotRO for no good reason. The restrictions on travel for the higher level zones is frustrating, too. Getting up to Himbar just wears on me, and I have to do a lot of faction grinding before I can get the automated horse up there. Blah. And, I’ve bitched about the level 50 class quests enough for now, why is it still group based?

    As for guilds, I created my own small guild for my and my GF’s alts so we could have a max level guild if our friends decided we wanted our own guild. I think EQ2’s guild system is much better since it allows people to level up the guild by earning points. Perhaps a blend of both worlds where you slowly get points over time so that even a small guild can gain some ability over the long haul? That’d be interesting.