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Is Mission Running it?

It has been almost one month since I first joined the growing Eve Online community and I’ve had an opportunity to dabble in the many aspects of the game. The breadth and width of the universe is simply staggering. Given that I’m a combat and tactics fellow I’ve been investing a lot of time in becoming a shield tanking, missile firing, Caldari beast. Thus far that is working out quite well for me. I would almost say that it works too well.

I cannot pretend to say that I have invested as much skill training time in mining as I have in combat but I do have a few of the relevant skills at rank IV. No matter what I try to do I can’t seem to make more money mining than I do running missions. My mining focused friend who does have the skills can’t either. The value of salvage is just so high and the paid rewards from agents just get larger and larger with each level and quality increase. It was my assumption that this would level out but that does not seem to be the case. Mission running seems to be the alpha and omega of money generations right now.

There are a few good mining guides out there and I’ve read into them a big but they seem to lack a big picture view. They explain how to mine and what not to do but they don’t give any frame of reference with the rest of the game. I’ve yet to see a general explanation of how much ISK I should be making per hour given certain conditions. It leaves me wondering then if it is even worth my time to flirt with this industry?

I hope to hear from those more familiar with Eve. When does mining defeat mission running? Does it ever do so? Should I just be pleased that I built myself to run missions and continue to do so? I’d love to hear from a veteran.


2 Responses to Is Mission Running it?

  1. Gareld says:

    For pure money return missions will always bring more immediate money. The thing is missions are a lot less safe. As you go up in missions difficulty you’ll eventually get blown to bits and then you lose a huge amount of money. So at some point it becomes a matter of either doing safe missions or trying to make more money in harder one.

    For the safety reason many people resort to mining. Mining in 1.0 zones doesn’t bring much cash but theres is nothing safer you can do. So players figure that safe money beats unsafe one.

    Finally there’s mining in 0.0 zones. The whole point of corporation controling these zones is so they can have people mining there. If you have the ressources to transform the rare materials you find there to make ships and weapons then you stand to make the greatest money of all. But since everything “belongs” to a corporation out there you can’t really just stroll in and mine. When you get spotted mining out there corporation will do their best to destroy you. Pirates also love to jump lone miners. Your only real choice is to join a corp and climb the ladder high enough so your allowed to make money.

    If you ever have the chance try to find and watch one the mining operation of the truly big corps. They turn the whole thing into an efficient stripping machine. You have about 3 to 4 huge cargo ships with smaller mining ships stripping everything in the zone. There’s fighters and battleships protecting the whole thing. It’s really impressive. And if you have the ressources to pirate the cargo ships its the biggest payoff of all :P

  2. Cheshiremythos says:

    Agreed, for the most consistent and immediate money you should look to mission running. That is why many pirates do missioning as well because it helps offset their ships and also allows them to pick up faction loot. The second most consistent is tritanium (veldspar) mining because every industrialist needs tritanium to work. If you find a guy with a 4.3 per trit buy order and have some time at work, I’d go with that over mission running since it needs less focus.

    Just like the rest of eve it depends all on your play style, if you have time to actually play mission running is the best and pirating is really fun. If you want something to actually do at work while you sit there mining is the way to go. If you have an alliance to mine with in 0.0 all the better for you.

    Aren’t they revamping industry/mining this winter?