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EA merges Mythic and Bioware

BioWare and Mythic’s RPG teams are now one and the same, in the eyes of Electronic Arts. The publisher has restructured the design of their RPG and MMO group, putting Ray Muzyka, co-founder and general manage of BioWare, at the helm. Marc Jacobs, current general manager at Warhammer: Age of Reckoning, left the company as of yesterday. (Edited: Yesterday as of the writting of this article. -Ferrel)

“We thank Mark for his contributions at Mythic and wish him the very best going forward,” the company said in a statement on the official Warhammer web site. “Mark played a major part in the success of Mythic with his contribution as General Manager and Lead Designer of WAR.”

Muzyka, whose studio is currently developing Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO in collaboration with both Electronic Arts and LucasArts, will become the division’s group creative officer. Taking Jacob’s place as general manager of Mythic is Rob Denton, who helped co-found Mythic way back in 1995.

It’s not exactly clear why the two studios are being pressed together, except that EA has clearly identified BioWare as their internal leader for all RPG and MMO-related projects going forward. Perhaps it’s an issue of resources and shared knowledge, as Warhammer continues to evolve as an MMO and BioWare’s learning from their experiences.

Any hardcore Warhammer fans want to weigh in here?

EA merges Bioware and Mythic

All I can say is wow…

Edited: Unfortunately I have been on vacation and did not get Korrow’s article out in a timely fashion. I know it will appear late and “old news” at this point but if anyone would like to discuss it, please feel free. Once my, my appologies to Korrow. -Ferrel

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3 Responses to EA merges Mythic and Bioware

  1. Dresden says:

    This pisses me off on 2 levels. First, that they assume an MMO has to be as successful as WoW to be considered worth it. No other MMO will ever do what Blizzard did. It was a moment in culture and time when the masses actually woke up to the presence of MMOs and Warcraft was perfectly made for them.

    Secondly, Bioware is one of my favorite groups of all time for single player RPGs. I really hope this doesn’t mean that they are going to reduce or even stop their RPG creation. In one move, EA has taken one of the more innovative MMO groups and the best single player RPG gorup and turned them into some sort of a conjoined-twin freak creation. I will still give them my 4 bits to see the freak show, but once I see that “turtle boy” is just a doll under a turtle shell I won’t be coming back.

  2. Korrow says:

    Here is the problem I have with it.

    Bioware’s MMO is going to be heavily story driven, and that is their top selling point. They have never made an MMO before.

    Mythic’s games had decent stories, and WAR was heavy lore based. Mythic has done games before and although DAoC was solid, WAR was not. The ideas they tried to implement in WAR just do not work.

    I liked WAR’s leveling off PVP and how you could PVP the whole way to 40. BUT! If they had not seperated the story arc’s ( ie ELf and Blood Elf areas seperated) and instead made the areas constant PVP gank fest.. it would have been better.

    Public quests… great in thought horrible in implementation. When the “mass leveling” trickles, these quests become an afterthought. If the quest had involved the whole zone instead of little pockets…. maybe they would have worked.

    What I am afraid is that Mythic will force some of their ideas on Bioware, I hope the DR. will squash these ideas.

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