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LotRO: Apparently you can go back

LotROWhen Lord of the Rings Online originally released I took the opportunity to try it out. At that time, years ago, I was pretty unimpressed with the game. For the most part it was nothing more than a complete WoW clone with little to offer in the way of new features. My Sodality guild mates and I that were there didn’t even pay for a second month. We wrote the game off as another attempt to cash in on an intellectual property with a substandard game.

Recently I have been reading more and more about LotRO and the improvements that have been made. The legendary weapon system, the small raid size, and the fact that they continue to release free content all painted a very different picture of the game I canceled years ago. I’ve also had many positive reports from one of my guild mates about how impressive the game was. I thought that now might be a time for me to try this game again since I’m, more or less, stuck in the middle of releases. Sodality seems to feel the same way and we have returned in mass to LotRO.

It can be difficult to go back to an MMO that you barely played. I logged in my level 40 character and was immediately confused. I didn’t remember where and why I was in this particular place. My skill at playing had diminished and I died over and over again. In frustration I thought I should shelve that character for a bit and start over. In that way I could relearn the game. Thus far that strategy has served me well.

LotRO was always a pretty game, I could never deny that, but I had forgotten how much so. The world is just wonderful to wander through. It really shows that Turbine kicked things in gear after their lack-luster start. I’m really enjoying my trip through Middle Earth this time around. I’ll have more thoughts on it later but, at least for now, I’m just trying to experience all I can and enjoy a game that isn’t based around me killing other players. Is anyone else playing this now and are there certain things I should focus on? What should I absolutely not miss?

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4 Responses to LotRO: Apparently you can go back

  1. Syp says:

    What server are you on?

  2. Eventually, you’ll grok the LI system and figure out that it is a pointless, endless grind that gives you no idea of your progress within the grind. At that point the game will lose much of its appeal. If anything, stick around long enough to get through the Epic books. There’s some fantastic story written there and you get to take part in pieces of the lore that makes the experience very powerful. If you haven’t played it on a Vista machine, you must do so. DirectX 10 really makes a difference visually and the DirectX 9 version cannot compare.

    All in all, it’s a good game; every bit as good as WoW and EQ II but in different ways. WoW is more PvP centric. EQ II has waay more content and is more PvE centric. LotRO offers a decent balance between the two even though its more PvE oriented.

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