A dubious package on my doorstep

Like many evenings I returned home from work tonight expecting nothing but junk mail and bills in the mailbox. I was not disappointed in that but I did find a package nestled outside of my door. This package had my name on it and, knowing that I had not ordered anything, I simply assumed it was a mail bomb from an angry ex-girlfriend or developer.

After a brief consort with my own personal bomb squad, (which may or may not be nothing more than miniatures that I talk to when I’m lonely), we decided the package was safe to open. I was treated, almost immediately, to the top of someone’s skull. It was from a developer! Who else but Mythic! It seems they’ve got another genius plan to excite us about their up coming patch. I would say mission accomplished!

There was a letter included that basically stated I had a portion of a Rosetta stone. With my stone, and those of others bestowed upon other bloggers, players can learn the name of a Nehekharan royal and earn a game code! With that code they could win one of only 5,000 “Scarab Amulets.” 1,000 amulets for each “cartouche” and they may be found on Gamespy.com, Kotaku.com, Massively.com, Mmorpg.com and Tentonhammer.com! With that said, I give you early low-res versions of what was received. High-res versions will come when my esteemed friend arrives with something a little better than a camera phone. For those that might want the original low-res pictures see the end of the post.

Wed, June 10th Update: MMORPG seems to have received the first cartouche. The best I can tell is that we’re missing some bloggers still. Here is what I think we know: _ J H _ _ _ U _ N _ Others may have differing opinions on that.

Friday, June 12th Update: You can now solve the Massively puzzle. I did so and the key does work! I think the MMORPG one should also be solvable now.

Skull 01

Skull 02

Skull 03

I was also provided a map and torn journal pages! This map shows locations of special tome unlocks and possibly more. The pages are the accounts of explorers.


Journal 01

Journal 02

Update: Tome of Knowledge seems to be the recipient of another package! Thus far that makes two.
Update 2: It appears that Da’Toughest received some bones as well!
Update 3: Keen and Graev received their bones!
Update 4: Syp has received some bones as well! See them on BioBreak.
Update 5: Werit received some bones! Rainbow MMO did as well.
Update 6: Stylish Corpse got some stylish bones!
Update 7: Rivs received some bones too! The Raven God Blesses Us?

For the original horrible shots:
Skull 01, Skull 02, Skull 3, Map, Journal 01, Journal 02.

27 thoughts on “A dubious package on my doorstep

  1. Thanks for the info!!!!!

    I’ve tried looking through all the old Nekaran lords and can’t find any names that match up to the current letters found……

  2. I’m new to this site, but I just had to say – your Team America grey knights there made me lol. I mean that in a good way 🙂

    1. Thank you! I painted them quite a while ago and they are for 40K but I thought they fit well enough with Warhammer Fantasy to “assist” me in the photos.

  3. I posted what I got on my blog. I love the IP but burned out at end game. I have to scan the journal pages and post but the bone pics are up. I have moved on to playing EQ2 on Antonia Bayle server if anywants to get up with me find me there or on my blog.

  4. Grats Ferrel!

    Once again Mythic stuns the community with their creative and zany methods of promotion. Are the cartouches up on the sites yet? I’m wondering…..*goes to check*

  5. I’m not 100% that the N is the same. In the one received, the lines appeared more at vertical and horizontal positions, perpendicular and resting on the tangential point of the inner curve, where-as the one in the clue seems to be more of radial lines extending from the center. It’s a slightly minor difference to most maybe, but seems pretty distinct to me.

  6. Solved the MMORPG skull today. There is a flaw in the system. The symbol that is the top one for the MMORPG skull has been translated as an R. It is in fact a D. I know the pic of the bone with the translation is an R. But, the code needs a D there and the other one too. The rest is fine.

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