Guild Science Introduction

One of the things that I have found strangely absent online is a set of basic outlines on how to lead and administer a guild. I’m sure many of you are thinking that this stuff should be obvious. The truth is, however, it is anything but. As a guild leader and officer I’ve had a lot of experience in this realm and have been putting together notes for some time now. I’m developing a little something I call “guild science.” It will be a guide to help current guild officers as well as would be officers manage their guild effectively. Some of this stuff will be basic and some of it will be advanced. I will try to separate this out so that those of you who have a good grasp on the material can disregard the basics.

My assumption as to why there aren’t articles like these available is due to the fact that most successful guilds keep as much information as possible a secret. We, in fact, did just that. Why help a competitor? It seems silly, but that is very much the environment in which we were working at the time. Now that I am more or less retired from competitive gaming, I can speak to the experiences we had and help others by mitigating mistakes that their predecessors have already made.

The primary focus of these articles will be the guild leader and guild officers. In addition to this, there will be some universal rules. All this is at the macro level of management. In time, I will move down to the micro level and go into greater detail on certain aspects. In any event you won’t agree with everything I say, but keep an open mind. As with everything we do we have to start with rule number one: No set standards will work for every group of people. Each guild and each leader is different and things must be adapted to fit their needs.

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